Gold bath : Gilded tubs and shower trays from Kaldewei

Andrea Divirgilio / April 8, 2009

golden ornament

The gilded effect is often the trendiest preference in the world of luxurious décor. Every Kaldewei bath and shower tray is designed especially to meet the requirement of individuality and refined aesthetics in a bathroom. Adding an extra dimension to your decor is really easy with the Kaldewei bathtubs and shower trays decked out with golden ornaments. Available on request, these bathtubs and shower trays can be had with the 24 carat gold embellishments. This ornament of gold is applied over the surface enamel of the baths and shower trays. This merging with enamel makes sure that this valuable area is not worn out. The beneficial surface properties such as durability, hygiene and ease of care are lastingly retained. These ornamented bathroom fixtures look so inviting that you will want to keep them as precious possessions forever.

bathtubs gold

Via: ModayHogar

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