The Goldmund Apologue Anniversary Speaker issued in a Limited Series of 25 Editions

Andrea Divirgilio / March 28, 2013

Way back in 1987 when Goldmund had first bought in the Apologue speaker, it managed to grab the techno afficiandos attention pretty comprehensively. Due to the unique design, it was displayed at the New York museum of Modern Art. Such was the fanfare, that collectors picked up the 50 pairs released in the market within a short span. Now after 25 years since the speakers release, it gets reintroduced in an even more limited edition run of just 25 units. Other than the same physical form, collectors and audio geeks can hope for a further refined variety of technology used in these speakers. Known for its high-end audio, including the world’s most expensive turntable, $189,600 Telos 5,000 amplifier, Telos 3500 mono-amplifier, or even the Telos 250 amplifier, Goldmund audio is handcrafted for wealthy audiophiles.

Goldmund 25th anniversary edition speakers

Unlike the 1987 edition of the Apologue speaker, the drivers have been doubled to around 6 in all, along with the enhanced amplification of 3600 Watts a pair. Since the brand is known to have certain key elements in their products each time, one will see the neat bass and the well defined treble just like before. The ultra-high precision remains constant, while the fatigue to the listener even for longer duration seem to be nowhere near the horizons.

Goldmund 25th anniversary edition speakers

Some notable changes seen in the anniversary edition, or more aptly the enhancements, include the wireless signal feed into each speaker. Except for the AC plug which is fitted towards the lower end of the speakers, the speakers can be placed and presented as per preference without bothering about the wiring, and hence saves the eye-sore of too much of wiring. However, all of this is going to cost the buyers a decent bit of cash. The final price is pegged at a little over $500,000, with the booking amount being $60,000. But the best part is, one can select the standard aluminum finish or choose between a wide variety that the company offers. For the best audio experience, the Goldmund custom shop will even set the speakers exactly to your space’s specifications on order.

Via: Goldmund

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