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Goldmund unveils Telos 3500, the most luxury-oriented product of its family

Andrea Divirgilio / March 17, 2011

goldmund telos 3500 mono power amplifier

Goldmund, known for its ultra-high-end offerings, has earlier given us the million-dollar high-tech home theater, the $189,600 Telos 5000 Amplifier, the $135,000 Eidos Reference Blu-ray player, the $300,000 turntable and the Telos 250 amplifier. The latest from the house is the Telos 3500 Mono Power Amplifier, which is being considered to be the most luxury-oriented product of the Goldmund family. Inspired by the famous Telos 5000 amplifier, the new Telos 3500 power amplifier delivers 3500 watts RMS with the lowest distortion figure. It can drive any high-end loudspeaker system with true ease, delivering high quality sound.

goldmund telos 3500 mono power amplifier 1

The Telos 3500 circuitry is the latest enhancement of Goldmund’s 30-year-old circuit. A team of R&D developers have meticulously added layers of subtle evolution to this schematic, building one of the longest continuity stories in the audio design art. The hard brass structure and the subtleness of the traditional Goldmund metal finish applied to the aluminum external surfaces make the Telos 3500 a sculpture more than an amplifier.

Aimed straight at the privileged audiophile collectors and music lovers, the Goldmund Telos 3500 Mono Power Amplifier is priced at US $151,250 per unit ($302,500 per pair).

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