The Goring Hotel’s Diamond Jubilee cocktail is served in a Swarowski crystal cocktail glass

Andrea Divirgilio / May 15, 2012

The Goring Hotel's Diamond Jubilee cocktail is served in a Swarowski crystal cocktail glass

As Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee celebrations pick up steam, the world and his wife, it appears, are ready with a bunch of newer surprises to vent the excitement. From watches to royal cars to rare scotch whisky- we had spoken about a series of innovative ideas marking Queen Elizabeth’s sixtieth year on throne. The latest is a diamond jubilee cocktail by Goring Hotel, is what gets us talking this time.

Talk of Goring and one cannot forget the way their name has splashed across tabloids for all reasons royal. Kate Middleton, after all, had called its royal suite home for a few days prior to her grand wedding. While Kate disappeared into the Buckingham’s lavish interiors post marriage, the hotel she stayed in never quiet let go of her “Royal” family. In April, Goring announced a diamond jubilee special offer wherein guests could enjoy a 4days stay at the hotel for a whopping $1.5 million. And the latest from the Goring front is a royal cocktail served in a crystal cocktail glass.

We had seen Asprey’s Jeweled Jubilee tea not so long ago in April. The latest in the list of diamond jubilee concoctions, the grand cocktail, dubbed 1952, draws inspiration from a royal favorite. The Gin Martini consists of Hendricks gin blended with some Noilly Prat. If the combination of gin and Noilly prat does not knock you off the senses, then the cocktail’s grand price tag certainly will. Priced at $192.74, the royal drink is not for everyone to wash down with. However, considering that the cocktail is served to you in an enchanting Swarovski crystal cocktail glass, the price seems justified. The exquisite glass flaunts a stem packed with crystal chatons. Its base, on the other hand, resembles a crystal with large facets. And the best part is, guests get to keep the spectacular glass after finishing their drink, so they can raise a toast to the Queen at home with the extraordinary glass in hand.

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