Graff Diamonds to Unveil 120-Carat Peacock Brooch Priced At $100 Million

Andrea Divirgilio / March 15, 2013

‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ might be an old saying, but the precious old saying will have a new meaning, with Graff Diamonds unveiling the 120-carat Peacock brooch, which is said to be worth $100 million. As surprising the price tag may be, but this was something expected from the British jeweler based in London, United Kingdom. Graff Diamonds is known for its most expensive diamonds sold at auctions and for its most expensive engagement rings. However, at the TEFAF art fair in Netherlands, one can see this special brooch on display till the 24th March, 2013. With the $100 million price tag, perhaps the likes of billionaire Joseph Lau or HRH Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal could have this brooch as a part of their collections of the precious stone.

$100 million Graff 'Peacock' Brooch

More than the design alone, the price tag and the arrangement of the brooch seems to have sent art collectors into frenzy. A 120.81 carat diamond weightage from the 1,305 embellishments is surely something over the top, but the main attraction seems to be the centrally place 20.02 carat fancy deep blue diamond, which is the largest of the lot. Unlike the common white diamonds, there are numerous pink, yellow, orange and even green diamonds on the brooch. The artisans at the Graff London workshop seem to have worked overtime, to get this Peacock brooch in place and that too with such detailed precision.

Via: The Jewellery Editor

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