Great American Woody is a custom trailer cum mobile bar for retro caravan lovers
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Great American Woody is a custom trailer cum mobile bar for retro caravan lovers

Great American Woody is a custom trailer cum mobile bar for retro caravan lovers
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Great American Woody Caravan Bar

Enjoying your spirits with your buddies is one thing, but carrying a full-fledged bar along with you is something of another idea altogether. Taking a step ahead of examples like the BaR2-D2 mobile bar, Kefren mobile bar, and the UV reactive bar, The Great American Woody is a fully loaded bar, built in the design of a caravan, which can be taken along as a part of your entourage while going on long trips on the road. Built by designer Brad Ford and Barman Jim Meehan, the custom made caravan bar is now on a nationwide tour to purchase Indocin display the unique design.

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The amenities premenstrual dysphoric disorder, generic fluoxetine cost, generic prozac costco - treating cancer tumors on board this trailer bar are even more captivating. There is a fully equipped bedroom, with Sony blue-ray disk player and the Golden Ear speakers, so that you can keep yourself entertained on the move. The bonnet area of this 30’s style caravan is actually a modern kitchen which helps in preparing food for the journey. The tail end is where the elaborate bar is, where all equipment and supplies are stored for use. Reportedly 30 bottles of spirits and other necessities can be stored there.

To keep the appeal factor as classic, the caravan has extensive use of Asacol online polished wood and leather in different parts of its interior and exterior. When it finally goes on sale at the Sotheby’s auction house later this year, it is bound to grab the attention of the stylish mobile bar, and more so Mr. Ford, who happens to be the main inspiration behind it. Sources say that the proceeds of the sale will go towards the noble cause of research and treatment of AIDS.

Also, for designs of luxurious mobile homes, we feb 21, 2011 - baclofen with no prescriptions. baclofen delivery to us connecticut baclofen purchase on line no prescription fast delivery buy baclofen online suggest our coverage of the Ashton Kutcher luxury trailer which was nothing short of mansion on wheels. The Great American Woody might not be so high on amenities but packs in quite a decent package on innovation

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