Gresso Grand Monaco limited edition phone boasts of all-black detailing

Andrea Divirgilio / February 15, 2012

Gresso has forever maintained some unique procedures for their luxury phone collection, which include individual hand polished of every component, and also putting together the unit by hand. After creating phones like the Avant Garde premier and the iPhone4 time machine, it’s the Grand Monaco collection all-black phone, presenting a similar brilliance earlier seen on hi-end cars mainly. Apart from the rugged nature of their products, the company seems to be raising the benchmark for its luxurious detailing for their phones as well, and the Grand Monaco phone is evidence.

Gresso Grand Monaco limited edition phone

Anything which is black, and has a balanced simmer to it, will indeed leave a mark in the world of haute couture. Perhaps, that’s the reason why this phone will indeed leave a lasting impression amongst its buyers. This black shade is available in 2 formats; pure black Cayman with crocodile leather, or pure black carbon fiber with Italian leather detailing. However, when it comes to the casing’s frame, it has been made from high grade titanium, which is ultra-light but resistant to scratches and corrosion. Then comes several layers ceramics fabrication, and the 42-carat sapphire glass covering, which match uniquely, with semi-matte texturing of the ceramic coated body.

Gresso Grand Monaco limited edition phone

Taking the story further, we find that the keyboard has been detailed with equal care. Sporting the same black tone as the rest, the keys have been crafted from surgerical grade stainless steel, which give them a uniquely attractive shimmer. When a single craftsman does everything except for the programming, it seems to show on the product, and this phone certainly speaks of artistic beauty. The only disappointment is the Symbian S40 operating system, which is getting put into pages of history. However, one could be glad to know that this phone is a special edition of just 100 units, with a price tag of around $2,700 each. Orders are being taken, so one might need to hurry.

Via: Gresso

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