Gresso special edition Avant-garde Grand Premiere phone for $50k

Andrea Divirgilio / December 19, 2011

For those who may want to make do with a gizmo, which is slightly low on tech features but high on novelty value, then the new Gresso Avant Garde premier phone might be your fancy toy to flash about. Gold, which is known as a symbol of prosperity, has been used in rather elegant and fine crafted form, on the device’s side panels, buttons, and rear cover. Along with the exclusive device, which will have only 30 pieces to be ever made for sale, will come with a price tag of $50,000, and a sense of pride associated with using ‘haute technology’.

Gresso Avant Garde premier phone

Just like the name itself, the device makes for a perfect show at any grand premier outing, much like the ‘Elizabeth Taylor’ of mobile handsets. The 2 main colors used is the fine finished yellow gold, and the black polished paneling of the device, which shows generous use of black sapphires, apart from the clear sapphire crystal of the covering, standing virtually colorless. The buttons like most editions from the company have been individually crafted and set into the panel with other gems, to ensure that the final finishing isn’t compromised with. The technique used here, is the same as in other jewelry, and goes by the name of ‘precision cutting’. The brilliance of Gresso crafting also makes its presence felt, with the overall form factor body, which is barely 12mm thick, and weighs just around 150 grams in all. This makes the device one of the thinnest, and also one of the best in terms of overall ergonomics, barring the ultra-thin category seen today.

Now, the only low point in the device is with the OS which is Symbion 40 series. Now that even the ‘Nokia’ series of phones are beginning to discard the operating system, very few among phone makers are actually still continuing with it, and it seems Gresso is one of them. Barring this factor, this is something one perhaps would look to carry on special occasions or as a gift this upcoming season. However, if you are looking for other such masterpieces from the brand, we suggest the iPhone4 black diamond edition, and the luxor world time gold, which also had 6 separate mechanical timepieces on the case back.

Gresso Avant Garde premier phone

Via: Gresso

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