Gro Furniture modular crib is the perfect baby furniture that grows with your kid

Andrea Divirgilio / February 17, 2012

We have earlier talked about a few designer cribs for born rich toddlers, which we featured in our list of most expensive baby items. Even more recently, we even saw Jay-Z and Beyonce splurge $3,500 on baby Blue Ivy’s crib. But for those who wish to spend a bit lesser than this, and have something which would be just as aesthetic in appearance, then the GRO Furniture modular crib could be the perfect option to go for. With its unique designs, this crib can be changed from a crib to toddler bed, to day bed, and even a desk.

Gro Furniture modular baby crib

When we first saw the piece of furniture, we thought it to be a giant piece of toy, but it certainly ended being much more. By swapping easy to load panels, and sliding those when necessary, we saw this ply wood furniture convert from a crib into 3 other distinct utilities in no time. In short, when the toddler is there, it can sleep inside in peace when it’s a crib, or could be converted to toddler bed when it wishes to play around a bit. If the kid is out of the zone, u could simply convert this into a small functional desk which could be used for your laptop and other smaller gadgets.

Gro Furniture modular baby crib

Since we spoke about the budget a bit earlier, the whole set costs around $1,900. Though there are numerous modifications possible, if you wish to peruse some, but lower end units with lesser modular features can be availed for as little as $154. On the whole, its these flexibilities which could be very useful for city homes which might not have much space for disposal and thrive for multi-utility furniture. As for looks go, the crib seems perfectly minimalistic as well as sophisticated for its range, and exterior customizations are on offer too.

Via: Gizmodo/ Fab

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