Gucci’s eco-friendly handbags shows its commitment to zero deforestation
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Gucci’s eco-friendly handbags shows its commitment to zero deforestation

Gucci’s eco-friendly handbags shows its commitment to zero deforestation

Though the luxury lifestyle imbibing celebs and other folks with fat pockets won’t perhaps keep de-forestation and eco-friendly products on top of their wish list, but it seems that Gucci is committed to changing that for good. Though previously they have done all that buy Phenergan online is needed to get featured in the list of most expensive bags, the Italian leather goods house has been devoted to the lifestyle collection using natural bamboo, including the bamboo bags and

Since the fashion and lifestyle industry is obsessed with authentic leather for many of its products, there were reports and a targeted campaign by Green Peace, as large forest areas were being deforested for cattle and animal grazing, so that they can be later used to produce leather.

Gucci zero deforestation bag collection

However, buy Tadalafil Gucci has taken it on them to be more eco-conscious and thus produced leather from their selected ranch, without deforesting any of the limited areas near Amazonia forests.

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Gucci Jackie bag

Like Frida Giannini, Gucci's Creative Director, has said mentioned recently, most of Gucci’s customer’s are now showing a firm commitment to eco-friendly and more ‘responsible’ methods of making products. It is with this commitment, which they associated with the ‘Green Carpet Challenge’, and as Livia Forth, the designer for this collection quotes, "This is a breakthrough moment for sustainable style.” purchase discount medication! order doxycycline hyclate 100mg . approved pharmacy, azithromycin and doxycycline cost. She took the additional burden of working with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) just to ensure that these leather bags abide by the principles of ‘zero-deforestation’.

Gucci Hobo bag

These bags are available in 3 distinct styles called ‘Tote’, ‘Jackie’, and ‘Hobo’. They are stated to go on sale in some of the selected stores across the United States.

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Gucci Tote Bag

With the growing trend of eco-friendly fashion, one can obviously look at related products like Hugo Franca’s eco-friendly furniture, where style and sustainability are served on a common platter. Celebrities like Hillary Swank, Jennifer Connelly, and Jessica Chastain could do their part by taking up these products, as they have in the past, associated themselves with Gucci from time to time.

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