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Guests at the Burj-Al-Arab hotel will now be welcomed with Gold plated iPads

Andrea Divirgilio / May 24, 2013

The status of Burj Al Arab as one of the most expensive hotels in the world is undisputed. The iconic sail shaped hotel, which also features the world’s highest placed tennis court, is a symbol of opulence in the Middle East. They have taken the luxury factor a step further, with the guests now being welcomed at the concierge with gold plated iPads, which would be like a virtual concierge for the guests. For an establishment which boasts of being the ‘world’s only 7-star hotel’, the 24k gold plated iPads come in as another fancy feature for guests whereby they can gather information about the hotel, it’s services, restaurant menus, and even the spa treatments as and when they seek fit.

The individual gold iPads are covered in 24K gold, and have the Burj-Al-Arab logo embossed on its rear face, along with the black logo of Apple. These iPads are handed over to guests during their check-in to the hotel which they can use throughout the stay. The idea however, has borne fruit after Jumeirah’s decision to line up with British entity Gold & Co. based in London.

The general manager of the Burj-Al-Arab hotel and the CEO of Gold & Co., believe that the pairing was only natural. Suites at this special hotel begin at a cost of $15,100 on an average, hence the ultimate accessory like the Gold iPads was something which needed to please the elite guests even more. 

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