Gulf Air launches world’s first aircraft with live TV and Internet
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Gulf Air launches world’s first aircraft with live TV and Internet

Gulf Air launches world’s first aircraft with live TV and Internet

Gulf Air flight with live TV & internet

Having a flight with luxurious amenities might have a click with the uber-rich vacationers, but the executives seem to demand more. To cater to their needs, Gulf Air has launched the world’s first aircraft with live television and internet on flight, aboard their A330-200 aircraft. Built-in it also does not correctly support and comfort buy baclofen uk with variable speed hp the little blue pill . they are sturdy enough to warrant medical intervention. integration with a large variety of business oriented ‘smart’ devices, the ever busy executives need not be worried about missing out on work, or anything that’s happening around the world.

Supported by Aeromobile and created in partnership with Panasonic Global Communications, this ‘Skyhub’ (as they are calling it) will feature complete multimedia entertainment for the gadget geeks and busy executives on board. Wireless broadband with high speed data buy Proscar transfer, video streaming and live television across continents will ensure that you are never bored or cut of, even when you are aboard your aerial journey at heights of 35,000 feet.

For those order cheap viagra online. low prices, fast shipping, 24h online support! high quality! who are well connected over social networks – Facebook and Twitter – will always be accessible through the network, which boasts of speeds up to 50 MBPS! Chargeable at $16 per hour, the high speed internet can be paid for via credit cards or travel vouchers which come with the purchase of the ticket, especially for Gulf Air’s long haul inter-continental flight journeys.

If one is looking to take a break from office work, the live television as we mentioned is capable of broadcasting major news and other entertainment channels, which can be enjoyed through the flat screens aided with headphones, placed on the back of passenger seats. Other luxury amenities though not revealed, will perhaps remain of the similar constant high standards of the buy Cialis soft tabs Gulf Air.

Also, please do go through our coverage of the Embraer Phenom 300 aircraft,, and Top 10 of most luxurious aircraft interiors, in case you are planning a leisurely aerial journey. But an honest question does come up: are we surrounding ourselves with too many electronic devices which Accutane online invade privacy and personal freedom? Debatable for sure, but certainly leave it to you to answer.

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