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Gumpert Apollo

Gumpert Apollo

The Gumpert Apollo is a luxury sports car manufactured by the Altenburg based German auto manufacturer Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH. The idea of the car was conceived in 2000 by Roland Gumpert, the founder, and his main concern was to build a street legal super sports car. The price of the car is disclosed only via request. The Technical University of Munich along with Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences helped in the development and design of Apollo.


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The dashboard of the car was built in the format of a Formula One race car, and the steering wheel has a series of mounted electronics on it. The Gumpert Apollo is an automatic 7 gear vehicle and the result is that, the dual clutch shift pedals sit back behind the steering wheel of the car. The interior of the car is done up in two tone leather, and it gives a certain exquisiteness to the car. Overall the interior of the car has more of a sports car finish and is done up in bright colors which lends it a very attractive look.


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The Gumpert Apollo is a mid engine, rear wheel drive car and has two seats. It is built on a tubular chromoly frame built on a fiberglass chassis with the option of carbon fiber panels. The Apollo has a very aerodynamic design, which helps it attain optimum speed at full throttle, hence increasing the performance of the car by a great margin. The car is available in many sporty color variants and the vinyl has been put up keeping the concept – street legal sports car - in mind. Engineers at Gumpert have also seen to it that the car is light in weight and hence light weight materials have been used where ever possible.

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