Gustafsson & Sjögren limited edition watch and knife set sells for $20k
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Gustafsson & Sjögren limited edition watch and knife set sells for $20k

Gustafsson & Sjögren limited edition watch and knife set sells for $20k
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Gustafsson & Sjorgren knife and watch set

Johan Gustafsson has been known in the elite circles as someone who is a class apart, when it comes to being a master craftsman of Damacus steel products. Now, the Swedish horological brand Gustafsson & Sjogren has included its expertise in the limited edition watch & knife set, which will showcase some of the most unique patterns, used anywhere else. Also to be noted is the fact that no two patterns are actually alike but have order Cialis super active been blended in with each other in aesthetic ways.

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The knife has been named ‘GoS Oden’, and is a Mosaic Damascus folder style instrument, which is a total of buy zyban online cheap special internet prices. fast & guaranteed worldwide delivery! secure & fast online ordering. the most trusted online drug ... buy Disulfiram 250 mm long. The blade itself is 150 mm in length and features the flower Damascus and explosion patterns, and the handle at the back shows a Nordic fossilized coral design. The liners of the knife are made with grade 5 Titanium and have been file worked for the perfect finishing. Coming to the watch which has been named ‘GoS Vile’, is a stainless steel cased wristwatch with sapphire crystal glass covering which also has anti-reflective properties hence more soothing to the eyes in bright light. The dial is a grey and black toned multi-layered setup with a rather unique pattern by the designer. The hours are pointed out in small arches which form a ring within the dial by hand-carved hands. To make sure the fineries are highlighted, the dial has been given a 42 mm width in diameter. The movement like most of the classic versions is a Swiss mechanical ETA 6498 module which generates its power from the 8 mm thick fine grain crown on the side of the casings. For strapping the watch to your wrist, you will have to use the black reindeer leather strap which has Sami tin-thread decorations on it. It leaves us pretty much awestruck with the craftsmanship of the designer!

Gustafsson & Sjorgren knife and watch packaging

All of this come as a set in a handcrafted birch wood colored box, whose body has been embalmed with linseed oil and high grade wax, lending a unique earthy look to it. It could be yours to flaunt at $20,000 a set, but like most things order Fluconazole precious, it is a limited edition. Would definitely suggest you rushing for order, in case you have a taste for abstract but fine craftsmanship such as this.

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