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Gwen Stefani Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 80 Million
Gwen Stefani
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Born on: 3rd Oct 69 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Singer and Songwriter
With her feet dipped in multiple entertainment sectors - music, modeling, acting, fashion designing - the perky and beautiful Gwen Stefani is most known for her pop singing abilities, being the lead singer and script writer for No Doubt, one of the most loved pop acts in the 1990s. Her trademark red lipstick and platinum blond hair accent her sex appeal, and so, her fame comes from topping the 'desirable women' charts too along with music charts. Though, she is known to be very modest, success has always followed her, be it in solo singing or in raising a family. Gwen Stefani has a net worth in excess of $80 million, thanks to her successful endeavors in multiple fields. She has two successful solo albums apart from many albums as part of the No Doubt band. That apart, she owns haute coutre clothing lines, of which L.A.M.B is well-known. Her Harajuku Lovers line of merchandise includes dolls, undergarments, mobile phone charms and camera accessories. She has also been part of many movies with her filmography spanning nearly half a dozen titles. In 2007, she launched 'L' a line of fragrances as part of L.A.M.B. It is indeed a millionaire's life that Gwen Stefani leads. She lives along with husband Gavin Rossdale at a huge mansion in Los Angeles, California. She own a clutch of cars which includes big boys - Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon and Range Rover - and some classy sports cars - Porsche Panamera and Maserati Quottroporte. Being an entrepreneur, she has invested heavily in her fashion clothing lines and perfumes. Being blessed with a figure and personality that shines through any kind of dressing, she is a an avid consumer of famous brands including Acne, Michael Kors, Thierry Mugler, Paige Premium and Davines. She seems to have a special liking for beaches when it comes to vacationing and she has been spotted with family at Florida and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. She took the world by a storm of sorts when she donated $1 million for the children who were hit by the tsunami in Japan. She is also active in many auctions and fundraisers in support of many charities which include the UNICEF, CHOC Children's, Save the Children, Raising Malawi and Feeding America. Gwen Stefani seemed to have picked up her career as a girl, learning to sing, dance and sew even before she became a teenager. In fact, she performed at a talent show, wearing a dress she had designed herself. Her plans to attend California State University were changed when her brother Eric enrolled her into the band, No Doubt, in 1986. With the suicide of John Spence, Gwen was promoted as lead singer. The band had mixed success till tragedy struck Gwen with her date of 7 years, Tony Kanal, dumping her. In that emotional upheaval, the songster came up with Don't Speak, the biggest hit of Tragic Kingdom which won her Grammy nominations. In 2002, Gwen Stefani decided to go solo with Let Me Blow Your Mind which won a Grammy.Love. Angel. Music. Baby., another solo in 2004, became a multi-platinum seller with 6 Grammy nominations. Since then, Gwen has become an entrepreneur too with 2 clothing lines and a fragrance line. Her success rubbed off to No Doubt too and it completed a national tour in 2009. Gwen is married to guitarist and singer, Gavin Rossdale and she has two sons - Kingston James McGregor Rossdale and Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale.
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Gwen Stefani Estates and Homes (1)

Beverly Hills Home

Beverly Hills Home

It was in August 2006 that Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale bought this massive home for $13.25 million. The home was owned till 2004 by Jennifer Lopez who sold the whole house to the nightclub owner and film producer, Sam Nazarian for $12.5 million. Though, current images show the house as a plush 5-star hotel, it holds great potential and promise to become a heavenly haven.

Location: The mansion is located in Crest Place, Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, California.

Accommodation: Gwen's mansion measures a palatial 9,000 square feet in its living space. Most of this area is occupied by 6 large bedrooms. There are also 9 modern bathrooms in the house.

Features: A massive estate measuring more than 2 acres with green lawns surrounds the mansion. The gated community house is well finished in terms of privacy and security. French windows all around the house offer excellent views of the beautiful exteriors. The exteriors boast of a tennis court and an infinity pool. The pool seems to extend into the horizon in a magical manner. A movie projection room adds to the entertainment facilities within the house. Impeccable decor fills the house with the living room being done in whites and off-whites and the bedrooms tending towards earthy colors along with whites. There are several fireplaces to cozy around in the house while the multiple plasma televisions adorn several walls in the different rooms. The house definitely has the look and feel of a hotel more than a home.

Neighborhood: Beverly Hills, at the heart of Hollywood, is the home for celebrities galore. Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney and Gene Hackman are among the hundreds of celebrities who live here.

Gwen Stefani Autos and Cars (4)

Porsche Panamera

Gwen Stefani drives Porsche Panamera

Arriving at her recording studios, Gwen Stefani stepped out of a black Porsche Panamera. Ranked #1 among a dozen super luxury cars, the Panamera is a sedan that aims at the sporty side of the luxury car market. The 3.6-liter V6 engine is able to generate a thrust of 295 pound-feet and 300 hp which takes it easily to 270 km/h. The interiors are luxurious and spacious and high-grade materials have been used in the cabin construction. Though its steep roofline with the hatchback improves passenger and luggage carrying capacity, the exterior-styling gets polarized which has often been criticized. Other than that, it is a dream car for the well endowed.

Maserati Quattroporte

Gwen Stefani drives Maserati Quattroporte

With a penchant for fast sports cars in black, Gwen Stefani drives around the Quattroporte from Maserati. The Italian luxury car arrives with sharp handling, impressive performance, great power and, of course, the four doors which its name suggests. Made by Ferrari's sister company, the Quattroporte is the closest one can get to a Ferrari sedan. The 4,400 pound car is powered by a 4.7 liter V8 engine capable of 425 hp and 361 pound-feet of torque. The interiors arrive with leather seats and the dash has a touchscreen navigation multi-media interface. All the high-end, modern gadgetry come as standard issue in the car.

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

Gwen Stefani drives Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

Putting on her trademark heart-shaped sunglasses, Gwen was seen driving to her mom's place with hubby and 2 sons in the G-Wagon from Mercedes-Benz. The ultra-engineered, heavy-armored, hefty and safe 5-passenger SUV was originally made for military use in the 1970s. With its 5.5 liter capacity V8, the monster is able to generate 382 hp with 391 pound-feet of torque which expresses via the 7-speed transmission. With a 0-100 km/h under 7 seconds, it is a pleasure to drive it on the highways. But when it comes to urban driving, the tank-like mass affects maneuverability and the measly 13 mpg fuel economy hits the pocket hard.

Range Rover

Gwen Stefani drives Range Rover

With a large family by modern-day standards, Gwen Stefani seems to have a penchant for the huge and safe cars. The constantly evolving interior luxury of the Range Rover comes with a powerful 375 hp V8 engine with a 5.0-liter capacity. The solidly built exteriors are well complemented by electrically-controlled and heated seats, great trims, multi-media entertainment and safety features that come packed within. The fact that it won the heart of Gwen speaks even of its styling that is enhanced by the anti-roll bars, dampers, tillers and an overall height beyond that of an average SUV. Of course, all these come at a cost - the fuel economy!

Gwen Stefani Wedding (1)

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

Pop diva Gwen Stefani married her companion, British musician Gavin Rosdale in a lovely ceremony held on 14th September 2002. The young couple exchanged vows in front of 150 guests at St. Paul's Convent Garden in London.

Reportedly, the singer arrived at the church chauffeured in a blue colored 1970 Rolls Royce. The glowing bride wore a custom made gorgeous pink and white wedding gown designed by John Galliano with a flowing lace veil. Her eight bridesmaids donned silk dresses designed by Dior.

Stefani walked down the aisle on her father's arm carrying a bouquet of orchids, rosary beads and her grandmother's prayer book. The beautiful couple personalized the wedding with their unique touches that included the groom's Hungarian sheepdog decked in a garland of red flowers as his escort.

After the wedding the couple ferried their guests to the reception held at Home House, a private club in London in double decker buses. The guests dined on a lavish six course Italian meal comprising of risotto, pastas and seafood served in the garden. Incidentally, a second wedding ceremony was held in Los Angeles two weeks later.

Recently the happily married pair celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in Beverly Hills.

Gwen Stefani Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (3)

St Barts Vacation

Vacation in St Barts

The exotic beach destination of St. Barts is one of the favorite holiday hot spots of Gwen Stefani. The singer was in town in the second week of January 2010 on a four day long vacation along with her entire family. Stefani made good use of the break and spent a lot of quality time with her husband, musician Kingston Rossdale. Gwen spent a lot of time soaking in the hot sun at the sea beach and particularly enjoyed her shopping trips in the main town square. The family even opted for a long boat cruise on the ocean.

Location: St. Barthelemy is a French overseas island territory and is a part of the Caribbean Leeward archipelago.

Accommodation: St. Barts possesses more than a dozen luxury hotels. Per day prices at elite hotels of the likes of “Guanahani”, “Le Sereno St. Barth's” and “Carl Gustaf” can shoot up to $2,000 for a room

Main Attractions: St. Barts is home to excellent sea resorts of the likes of Nikki Beach and St. Jeans Beach which draw in plenty of visitors round the year. There is also a nude beach for uninhibited tourists. Some of the most original French cuisine in the globe can be sampled at restaurants like “Le Tamarin”.

On family vacation

On family vacation

Enjoying the vacations

Enjoying the vacations

Shopping in St Barts

Shopping in St Barts

Miami Vacation

Shares a kiss

Gwen Stefani chose the exotic beach destination of Miami as the venue of her mid-summer vacation which she embarked on August 2012. One of the reasons for the short trip was Stefani’s desire to take a much needed break after the hectic promotional activities of her new album extracted a heavy emotional and physical toll on her. The singer was accompanied by her husband, musician Kingston Rossdale and the couple’s two sons for the entire duration of her two day long holiday. The family greatly enjoyed surfing in the sea waters and spent a lot of time sunbathing by the side of their hotel swimming pool. Gwen took advantage of the break to spend some much needed quality time with her kids and was photographed playing with them on the sandy beach. Stefani looked great when she donned a barely there two piece leopard print bikini while sunbathing.

Location: Miami is one of the largest cities in the US province of Florida.

Accommodation: More than 50 luxury hotels have set up base in Miami. Catching hold of a suite for a weekend at an elite accommodation of the class of “Canyon Ranch Miami Beach”, “The Raleigh Hotel”, “The Perry South Beach” and “The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort” can cost as much as $5,000 during the holiday season.

Main Attractions: Miami is home to some of the most gorgeous sea beaches in America which acts as a natural magnet for millions of tourists who flock to them in order to take advantage of the moderate weather conditions and to soak in its omnipresent carnival atmosphere. The beaches also possess world class facilities for marine recreational activities like surfing and scuba diving.

On the sea shore

On the sea shore

Show off her bikini body

Show off her bikini body

Vacation in Miami

Vacation in Miami
No Image Avaialble

Mammoth Lakes Vacation

Vacation in California

It was fun and 'chilling' out with the adorable kids for singer Gwen Stefani in February 2013 as she enjoyed an afternoon of outdoor fun on the slopes of the mountains in Mammoth Lakes. She was as usual innovative and stylish in her snow sledging as she sled down on her back and stomach as well. In fact, her younger son, Zuma, enjoyed a piggy-back sled on his mother! It was definitely a scene of wholesome family fun.

Location: Mammoth Lakes is a town located at a height of 2,450 meters above sea level in Mono County, California.

Accommodation: There are about 30 hotels costing anywhere between $80 to $250 a day depending on the class and luxury-grade chosen. One of the best ways to stay would be in the campsites which cost about $15 a day (during the season alone).

Main Attractions: The Mammoth Lakes ski resort has been considered as one of the best in the United States. It serves as an excellent ground for novices, intermediates, advanced athletes and experts alike. Playing with the snow is definitely another lovely option for the tourists.

However, Mammoth Lakes is not just about the snow. Different trails like the Earthquake Fault Trail, Mammoth Crest Trail, Sky Meadows Trail and Duck Pass Trail offer great hiking and trekking opportunities. Then, there is exploring and swimming to be done along with hot-air balloon adventures which will be unforgettable.

Other activities here include dog-sledding, horseback riding, ATV vehicle riding and, of course, visiting museums. From April through June, families could also visit the various campsites with tents for a life in nature. Photography enthusiasts will be thrilled with the landscapes and skyscapes on offer at the large and beautiful lakes which dot the entire terrain here.

With her kids, Zuma (L) and Kingston (R)

With her kids, Zuma (L) and Kingston (R)

Splash in the ice waves

Splash in the ice waves

On family vacation

On family vacation

Gwen Stefani Cause (3)

Artists for Peace and Justice

Gwen Stefani supports Artists for Peace and Justice

Stefani has donated a lot of money to support Artist for Peace and Justice, a charity founded in 2009 with a mission to promote social justice, peace, and addresses issues of poverty around the world. The charity supported by actress Meryl Streep raises the need to provide better education and regular medical treatments to help the poorest areas of Haiti.

Elton John AIDS Foundation

Gwen Stefani supports Elton John AIDS Foundation

The singer actively supports this charity. Established in 1992, it is one of the leading non-profit HIV/AIDS organizations world-wide, and is supported by more than 190 personalities is focused to eliminate the stigma attached with HIV. It provides utmost care and support services to those suffering from the dreaded disease.


Gwen Stefani supports UNICEF

The artist has campaigned for the charitable organization which works in more than 150 countries aiming to improve children's life. The NGO has received the support of more than 180 celebrities around, and is committed to providing better health care facilities, education, sanitation and emergency relief.

Gwen Stefani Brands (4)

Paige Premium Denim Owen-Lenny Denim Jacket

Exiting the Cafe Med restaurant, Hollywood, with her son, Gwen Stefani was seen wearing the Owen-Lenny denim jacket from Paige Premium Denim

Exiting the Cafe Med restaurant, Hollywood, with her son, Gwen Stefani was seen wearing the Owen-Lenny denim jacket from Paige Premium Denim. With coated sleeves, the relaxed jeans jacket arrives with zipped side pockets and zipped cuffs. It is a wonderful piece from model Paige Adams-Geller's brand which believes in fitting rather than size.

Acne Short Pistol Boots

Gwen Stefani dresses up gorgeously even while dropping off her son at school. She covered her soles in short pistol boots from Acne, looking like a cowgirl from the wild west.

Gwen Stefani dresses up gorgeously even while dropping off her son at school. She covered her soles in short pistol boots from Acne, looking like a cowgirl from the wild west. The dark blue toned suede boots arrive with stacked heels and an inner zip closure from the ankles downward. The award-winning brand stands for 'Ambition to Create Novel Expressions'.

Thierry Mugler Agent Handbag

Gwen carries Thierry Mugler Agent Handbag

It was a strong feminine charm that Ms. Stefani exuded as she carried her little pooch and the Thierry Mugler handbag while arriving at her parental home for Thanksgiving in 2002. The bag, made from the finest leather is a classy product from the French fashion designer, photographer and company owner, Thierry Mugler.

Kelly Wearstler Noir Batik-Twill Trenchcoat

Gwen wears Kelly Wearstler Noir Batik-Twill Trenchcoat

Gwen Stefani is one among those rare few who look good in anything they wear. And so, even a black and white twill trenchcoat with its geometric tribal designs from Kelly Wearstler made her amazingly glamorous. The checkerboard batik print with a notched collar and front button comes from a designer who is a judge at Top Design.

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