Hanging chair made out of Volcanic Rock

Andrea Divirgilio / March 21, 2012

For nature-lovers who dream of a backyard that itself is as close to the nature as possible, we have earlier lined-up some of the best outdoor furniture designs to seamlessly blend your private oasis into its surroundings. But, the latest Volcanic Hanging Chair designed by the Latvian interior designer, Raimonds Cirulis, is a luxurious cocoon-shaped furniture much like the Nestrest hanging lounger by Dedon, albeit with an altogether different silhouette. The Volcanic Hanging Chair, named Manu Nest from the Manu Series is a s one-of-a-kind, and 100% handmade piece of furniture. Besides having a stunningly intricate design, the fact that this hanging chair is made out of volcanic rock, distinguishes it from all others and takes it to a different level.

Manu Nest, the hanging chair

Formed of a volcanic rock, better known as Basalt, it’s a magnetic rock that quickly renews itself through a natural volcanic activity. Basalt being an unlimited resource, it can turn out to be a perfect material to create future furniture items. Further, the chair’s nest like structure helps to absorb various harmful rays like radio, ultraviolet, X-rays, electromagnetic and mobile phone rays. In a lace pattern, the chair integrates the basalt fibers with ecoresin to form a lightweight, durable and stable composition. The seat padding of sturdy and lightweight hanging chair is waterproof.

Manu Nest

Though Manu Nest hanging chair is meant to be used outdoors, but its striking visual design makes it perfect as an art piece even in large indoor spaces.

Via: MaffamFree/TrendHunter

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