Harley-Davidson Hearse for saying a ‘macho’ final goodbye

Andrea Divirgilio / March 26, 2012

We recently spoke about the most royal way of saying one’s final goodbye, with the Rolls Royce Phantom Hearse, which incidentally is the world’s most expensive funeral car. Now for those who love bikes, and anything to do with a Harley Davidson, and wish to make a ‘macho’ and stylish last journey, the Harley Davidson Hearse is here to complete their wish. Similar aura of machismo, along with elegance of the semi-Victorian era, never really came down to such a platform, which ultimately resulted in this special edition Harley Joerg Grossman, who happens to be the main person involved in the designing, says there are 10 orders on booking list, with each worth around $78,000 to speak about its growing popularity.

Harley Davidson Hearse funeral bike

The inner fittings on the Harley are very much the traditional machismo loaded machinery, which the V-twin engine which powers the modern editions of the bikes today. Along with the usual machismo, the style factor gets further enhanced with the black piano like punishing, and the curved chrome lined finished on different parts. So much goes the style factor that one would wonder whether anyone less than royalty would ask for one of these to be made for them. Or else, one might simply order this for making head turns in their direction. It’s not every day that one finds a symbol of machismo attached to a semi-Victorian styled corpse car attached alongside.

Harley Davidson Hearse funeral bike

Mr. Grossman also says that apart from the 10 bookings he already has in his kitty, there are estimated volume sales of around 1,000 of these special editions in Munich alone. As the word spreads, and more people see it around the world, the numbers would go up, including the heard of special funeral homes, that are most likely to cash in on the modified vehicle. Seems like rich times are lined up ahead!

Harley Davidson Hearse funeral bike

Via: Jalopnik/ Huffington Post

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