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Harman Kardon MaestroKitchen sound system for world’s first musical kitchen cabinet

Andrea Divirgilio / May 16, 2011

harman kardon maestrokitchen
Harman Kardon Audio is well known for its aesthetic designs and luxury looks meant for the high-end consumers. The company is now bringing its musical excellence to your kitchen in collaboration with Verburg Audio. The MaestroKitchen 100 system by Harman Kardon will enable you to enjoy your music just as you like it with high performance audio in the kitchen.

The world’s first high performance audio system is in-built and ingeniously concealed in the back of the kitchen cabinet doors, and what is visible is a tastefully designed display in stylish black glass, built into the kitchen cabinet, with a colorful small screen of the size of an iPod screen to let you know what’s playing. The ultimate audio experience comes complete with a subwoofer for the bass tones concealed behind the skirting boards. And, the ultimate musical experience doesn’t mean shaking or vibrating cabinets. The system is practically invisible with no wiry mess or speakers in sight to keep the cabinet serving its basic purpose with a minimalist yet classy design.

The integrated docking station allows you to connect to your music device and play your favorite music via radio, CD, iPod, MP3 and cellphone. The system can easily be operated via the glass display or remote control unit. The company has plans to launch it soon for applications in other furniture items for the living room, bedroom and bathroom. The MaestroKitchen 100 sound system is designed by the industrial designers of the celebrated D’Andrea & Evers Design firm.

Via: On Mag/Verburg Audio/Harmon Kardon

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