Harrods to sell 233-Year-Old Courvoisier & Curlier cognac at $152,995

Andrea Divirgilio / December 6, 2012

Cognac aficionados, connoisseurs and collectors now stand a rare and unique opportunity to experience the world’s oldest known Courvoisier vintage, as the Courvoisier & Curlier 1789 will be showcased for the 1st time in the UK at L’Atelier de Courvoisier in the Harrods Wine Shop. This 233-year-old cognac which dates back to the French Revolution was originally bottled by the Curlier brother, nephews of Felix Courvoisier. Produced from Folle Blanche grapes together with grapes from the Grande Champagne, this extremely rare bottle has been described as a testament to the rich and remarkable history of the house of Courvoisier and celebrates the craftsmanship and meticulous standards at the heart of all Courvoisier styles.

Harrods to sell 233-Year-Old Courvoisier & Curlier cognac at $152,995

Priced at $152,995, this 1789 cognac which was discovered in the Dutch collector Bay van der Bunt’s vault which is considered to be the world’s largest collection of old liquors, will be on display from December 5th to 8th at the Harrods wine shop’s tasting room.

Harrods to sell 233-Year-Old Courvoisier & Curlier cognac at $152,995

Notably, this rare vintage has also inspired Harrods and Courvoisier to organize a public celebration this festive season by featuring L’Atelier de Courvoisier, where the public can discover the art and science behind making cognac.

Besides, other vintages on sale includes the 1851 Courvoisier & Curlier Freres Extra which comes with a price tag of $61,195, the $39,450 Fine Champagne 1884 Courvoisier, the 1900 Courvoisier, Grande Fine Champagne priced at $21,130, and the 1920 Courvoisier, Fine Champagne de Luxe, which is on sale for $15,300.

Speaking about the rarest old cognacs, we have earlier seen the sale of rare bottle of Rémy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl cognac, the vintage Cognac from the year of the French Revolution 1789, the cognac Cuvée 1888 which pays tribute to Pierre Frapin, the rare bottle of Cognac Frapin, and the 1795 Brugerolle cognac, which went up for sale from the private collection of the same Dutch collector who offered this world’s oldest known Courvoisier vintage, besides the Cognac Croizet which is the world’s most expensive cognac ever sold at auction.

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