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Harrods targets its super rich clientele with multimillion-dollar yachts

Andrea Divirgilio / June 14, 2011

Mars Mega Yacht by Harrods costs $165 million

Luxury yachts are undeniably the splendid, imperial, majestic and spectacular means of commutation. However, to own one such magnificent mode, one should be filthy rich for sure. Recently, the Qatar’s Royal family took over the luxury department store Harrods, and since then has come up with some astronomically huge offerings, including a range of superyachts and megayachts.
Qataris have made an agreement with opulence yacht group Watkins that offers a wide range of super expensive yacht for the uber rich patrons.The yachts range from the Turkey-made Ron Holland-designed Kestrel 106 costing $11 million to the 295-ft. Fincantieri project Mars by London based H2 Yacht Design that costs a cool $165 million. Several other models are also available, like the Bannenberg and Rowell designed, semi-displacement 213-ft. Heesen superyacht or the 246-ft. Mogambo that is due to be delivered in March 2012.

Watkins’ MD Adrian McCourt states…

There are a lot of potential charterers and purchasers who don’t want to travel to yacht shows and would rather meet with our expert team to discuss potential options without jargon or hard selling.

Via: Jameslist

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