Harry Potter manuscript with original notes up for auction

Andrea Divirgilio / May 22, 2013

The Harry Potter novel series needs no introduction, and the success which the series had catapulted the author, J.K. Rowling  to dizzying heights of stardom. So much so, she went on to become the world’s first billionaire author! Due to it’s popularity, the memorabilia associated with it became equally popular, and sold at mentionable prices at previous auctions, like in cases of first edition  of the Philosopher’s Stone book, and the Kids’ Wizard Collection  which was unveiled as a special edition set. Now a manuscript of the first novel in the Harry Potter series, along with Rowling’s notes is set to go up for auction. If the trend is anything to go by, one could expect a seriously aggressive bid amongst collectors, and and price estimates crossed many times over, though there haven’t been any price estimates for this Harry Potter manuscript.

The Harry Potter manuscript would be of particular interest to a lot of collectors and fans alike, because it is known to contain the first hand notes, and even drawings of what J.K.Rowling originally conceived the settings of the story to be. In fact, there are personal details of how Rowling came up with the game of ‘Quidditch’, after having heated discussions with her then boyfriend. Then, the winner of the manuscript would get to see the ink illustrations of the various equipment and scenes from Quidditch, apart from things like Albus Dumbledore’s 

Chocolate Frog card. However, how it all turns out, will be known soon at the Sotheby’s auction, the proceeds of which are stated to go to charity institution, English Pen. They have worked towards upliftment of children who have been institutionalized in their earlier years.  

Update: The manuscript for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone has been sold for $228,000.

Reference: BBC 

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