Harry Winston’s one-of-a-kind jewelery box is carved out of a single piece of quartz

Andrea Divirgilio / April 20, 2013

Harry Winston’s name is an instant recall for the bespoken watches, which tend to appear more often than jewelry, something which has got them an equal amount of fame in the past. From selling one of the most expensive diamonds ever, to creating special edition bracelets like the one for Hope Collection, Harry Winston has put on display rather special specimens of craftsmanship in the recent past. At Salone del Mobile 2013 exhibition in Milan, they have put on display the one-off jewelry box created solely out of a single piece of quartz. Created especially for the ‘Wallpaper Magazine’ Handmade Issue, the special jewelry box will be almost as precious as the contents in holds inside. The credit for creating this masterpiece goes to Harry Winston’s own team of artists, along with the noted industrial artist, Stephen Burks.

Harry Winston's one-off jewelry box for the Wallpaper Magazine now showcased at the Salone Del Mobile 2013

Harry Winston's one-off jewelry box for the Wallpaper Magazine crafted out of a single piece of quartz

As revealed by the Editor of Wallpaper Magazine, the idea was to create an object d’art rather than focusing on something wearable, like a ring. Hence Harry Winston’s team along with the expertise of Stephen Burks, created a jewelry box, the only one of it’s make, which would be store space for other bespoken jewelry. From the high quality craftsmanship, one can easily fathom the finesse that has gone into transforming a single slab of quartz, to something this aesthetically appealing, obviously taking a leaf out of space age inspired designs .

Harry Winston's one-off jewelry box has been worked on by Stephen Burks

Other than being just a hollow casing, the jewelry box has an intelligent design for storing the jewelry inside. Depending on what is to be kept in the box, there is a special transparent crystal tray which fits in mini-stands, which in turn have been created keeping in mind the size and shape of the jeweled contents. This means, there is no need for going hunting for the earrings when they just there in front. Too bad, it stands as a one off piece so far!

Via: Gem Standard

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