Hartvig TT Signature turntable is pure Danish hand-craftsmanship

Andrea Divirgilio / March 28, 2012

When it comes to creating specially crafted music equipment, the European detailing and handcrafting tends to leave behind an impression that can be rarely be matched with anything else. Very recently, we had presented you a sample of Bavarian brilliance with the AMG V12 turntable, which stands as an emblem of vinyl fabrication in this segment. Those who like turntables, the Hartvig TT Signature from Denmark is here to spoil them for choice, by bringing alive recorded music by the addition of ‘purity’ of the sound output. Smoothness in finishing and appearance, it brings in flavors sophistication and minimalism to genre of high-end audio equipment.

Hartvig TT Signature turntable

Soeren Hartvig and his passion for building something of top quality, shows in this new gramophone turntable that he has managed to craft out finally. After putting in years of hard work in its design and technology, the fruit has been born in the form of the TT Signature, which will be a highlight from all other competition, because of the ‘purity’ and ‘soul’ of the sound that it manages to emancipate, and of course, the high quality. According to the Danish craftsman designer cum engineer, the audio will come out with a ‘pitch-black background’, which is another way of describing how close to reality or how pure the audio quality would be.

Hartvig TT Signature turntable

The other significant addition would be the special battery supply of the turntable. Since the sound analog needs a thrust in its medium of travel, adding this battery supply system ensures that any delicate wave doesn’t come with any distortion, and forms a impression of blank background which we also earlier spoke of. And as a specialty of the equipment’s high breeding, it all happens which whichever room or surrounding it may be placed in. To believe it, one would be advised to head to the High End Show in Munch, which will take place from May 3 to May 6, 2012. However, if other expensive interest you, do check out our feature on world’s most expensive turntables, which are all about high grade equipment and bling in this niche format.

Hartvig TT Signature turntable

Via: Hi-Fi pig/ Ultra Hi-end

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