Hassan II of Morocco
Hassan II of Morocco | $ 1000 Million
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Hassan II of Morocco Net Worth

Net Worth $ 1000 Million
Hassan II of Morocco
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Born on: 26th Feb 61 Born in: Morocco Marital status: Deceased Occupation: Former Morocco king
King Hassan II has an estimated net worth of $1 billion according to Forbes. King Hassan II was the king of  Morocco for 38 years. He has inherited his net worth from his from his father,  Mohammed V, Sultan, then King of Morocco. The father of the Morocco king Mohammed VI, Hassan II was born in 1929 in Rabat, Morocco. King Hassan attended the Imperial College and earned a graduate degree from the University of Bordeaux. After becoming the king, Hassan employed a conservative rule which was characterized by a poor human rights record, which caused severe dissatisfaction among the opposition resulting in protest and demonstrations.  He  married Lalla Latifa Hammou and had five children.King Hassan also survived two attempts of assassination before his natural death in 1999, at the age of 70.
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