Hasselblad Lunar series is ultimate luxurious camera set with personalization options
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Hasselblad Lunar series is ultimate luxurious camera set with personalization options

Hasselblad Lunar series is ultimate luxurious camera set with personalization options
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Hasselblad cameras need no real introduction amongst photographers, who cheap Valtrex have a knack for clicking pictures only with the best of gadgets. Apart from being really good photographic devices, Hasselblad creates objects of desire, which perhaps fall into the category of heirloom products. No wonder, some of the bespoken models have been listed under the most expensive cameras. Along with technology, this year Hasselblad has bought in the concept of personalization with the

The Hasselblad Lunar series apart from anything else, does what Victor Hasselblad had dreamt of doing: produce the best possible photography equipment known to man. Hence, they have taken the route of signature styling, apart from the already mastered capability of taking great photographs. Hence 5 options of fabrication and looks to choose from; Carbon Fiber & Titanium, Mahogany Wood doxycycline light headed doxycycline 100mg acne side effects order doxycycline Levitra online & Copper, Olive Wood & Titanium, Black leather & Titanium, and Brown Tuscany leather & Titanium. The black leather grip edition, is ideal for most conditions, as it allows for a firm grip but a comfortable one.

Hasselblad Lunar olive wood and titanium option

For those going in for a more natural feel of their cameras, hand polished Tuscan leather in brown is the option to go for. For someone looking to get a slightly order baclofen no prescription baclofen price in india get this over baclofen gleevec cost per pill horns and workers were confined to a everything in hand now  more lightweight option for their camera, the carbon fiber and titanium options would be perfect. This provides for both conveniences of a light weight, and stylish look.

Hasselblad Lunar black leather and titanium

The earthen charm of the copper and Italian Mahogany wood is next offering. A good grip as a result of the waxless matt finish of the grip, this is perhaps one of the more exotic editions of the series, and the only one which does not have titanium in construction. The last wooden offering would get Paxil the olive wood and titanium edition. Due to the unique texturing and fabrication, it would age with time which would further make the camera a more personalized one for the collector.

Hasselblad Lunar Brown Tuscan leather and Titanium

Hasselblad had been creating some of the best known equipment in the past, including the 500C, which was made in 1957 and went on the first space journey on the moon in 1962. However, with the lunar series, online canadian pharmacy store! buy dapoxetine online . instant shipping, buy dapoxetine. it has bought in the multiple technical capabilities such as the 24.3 MP effective density, CMOS Image detector, EV0 to EV20 sensitivity range, 1/4000th of a second image capturing time, electronic viewfinder, USB 2.0 data transfer, 4.0 m–1 to +1.0 m–1 dioptor adjustment, video capturing ability in MPEG4 and H.264 formats, and the E18-55mm lenses to take high quality images. The list of features would exceed to be far more, but one ought to know that the price tag on each of these is $6,851 (£4,400) for the standard models available through some of the luxury boutiques around the globe.

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The 500C camera landing on the moon during the first journey in 1962

Via: Hasselblad

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