Hasselblad ships 200-megapixel H4D-200MS camera for $45,000

Andrea Divirgilio / May 26, 2011

hasselblad h4d 200ms dslr

Hasselblad has been exploring the new in creating ultra-high resolution capture and as promised last year, the Copenhagen-based medium-format camera maker has now launched H4D-200MS, the amazing 200-megapixel camera, at the Photokina Imaging show in Cologne, Germany. The 200MP camera uses a 50-megapixel sensor mounted onto the multi-shot frame, and combines six shots to create the high resolution.

The H4D-200MS includes all the functionality of the H4D-50 and H4D-50MS, including True Focus, Ultra Focus, digital lens correction and others. The high-end camera offers three distinct capture modes…

• Normal single-shot capture for 50Mpix resolution images of live subjects.

• Four-shot, 50Mpix Multi-Shot capture for high detail images of still subjects.

• Six-shot, 200Mpix Multi-Shot capture for the ultimate in still subject capture.

At full 200 megapixels, each image will be about 600MB in size, so better get a big memory card in case you plan to buy one. Bringing unprecedented detail and resolution to your still life and studio photography, the H4D-200MS is available now for €32,000 (about $45,000). If you own a H4D-50MS already, you can opt for the €7,000 upgrade by sending the camera to the factory in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Via: Gizmodo/Dvice/SlipperyBrick

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