Hastens Vividus – The world’s most exclusive bed in the making

Andrea Divirgilio / September 25, 2012

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown no longer holds true. The Swedish bed experts and luxury beds manufacturer Hästens has put a price on a good night’s sleep. With a mission to deliver the best sleep to its discerning clients, Hästens latest luxury bed ‘The Vividus’ comes handcrafted with the finest natural materials, offering more restorative and rejuvenating sleep. At Hästens, where a feeling of luxury, exclusivity and wellbeing meets 160 years of heritage, craftsmanship, tradition and passion for sleep, the skilled craftsmen have given a new dimension to luxury with the world’s most exclusive bed, the Hästens Vividus. Designed to be the bed of your dreams, each Vividus is bespoke and takes around 140-160 man-hours to produce. Each handmade bed is a celebration of Hästens’ cultural heritage, and craftsmanship. Handcrafted by Hästens’ most experienced and skilled team of craftsmen, led by the perfectionist Jan Erik Leander, this bed lets you sink into the mattress in the most perfect way, suspending your body and providing you the perfect support.

Hästens Vividus Exclusive Bed

Considered to be the most elite and luxurious bed in the world, the Hästens Vividus has been crafted with the finest natural materials available and with minute-to-minute attention to detail.

Some of the traditional Swedish techniques used in the making of Hästens Vividus includes:-

Vividus Frame

Hästens Vividus - Sleep like a 21st-Century King

Finest quality solid pine wood sourced from the slow, naturally growing Swedish forests forms the very foundation of the Vividus frame. Notably, the sides of the frame are held together through dovetail joinery, an old and tested method which makes the frame strong without the need of any screws or nails.

Furthermore, each and every wood of the wooden slat in the frame is individually set in place in a groove and then secured with wooden plugs, to attain maximum stability.

Hästens Vividus - Sleep like a 21st-Century King

Additionally, the sturdy and durable legs are made of exquisitely oiled oak, a traditional material used by Swedish craftsmen for centuries, proudly supporting the Vividus.

Hästens Vividus - Sleep like a 21st-Century King

Just to finally add, it takes a total of one week for an experienced craftsman to make the Vividus frame.

Inside Vividus

Hästens Vividus Spring System

The inside of the frame is then lined with flax before the Vividus bottom-section Bonell spring system is ‘hand-tied’ as per the old-aged tradition and put into place. Moreover, flax is also used between the springs to ensure that they do not come into contact with the timber or one another, which could otherwise cause disturbing noise or generate electrostatic charge, known to be harmful to human health.

Hästens Vividus - Sleep like a 21st-Century King

The quilted cotton fabric is used to cover the base, which is fixed to the frame and covered by a decorative strip of oak, framing the Vividus’ bottom-section.

Central-section sprung mattress

Hästens Vividus - Sleep like a 21st-Century King

The Vividus’ main mattress consists of a carefully balanced blend of horsehair, cotton and wool, while many thin layers of the hand teased horse hair, cotton and wool ensure that the Vividus delivers the best in luxurious sleep like none other.

Hästens Vividus - Sleep like a 21st-Century King

The Hästens patented 18-centimeter ten-turn pocket spring system in the main mattress helps carry your body weight in the perfect way.

Checked cotton fabric

Hästens Vividus - Sleep like a 21st-Century King

The iconic checked cotton ticking fabric is reinforced and double quilted to ensure that it maintains its shape and keeps any unwanted noise to a minimum. To fix the fabric of the main mattress, the master craftsmen measure by hand the exact positions of where to place the cotton tufts ensuring that the filling materials of the mattress maintain their position.

Hästens Vividus - Sleep like a 21st-Century King

The tufts are then put in place by hand using a long needle and the same method as Hästens have used for generations.

Overlay mattress

Vividus’ top mattress comes crafted with hand teased horsehair, which is carefully put in position, together with cotton and wool, between two pieces of our blue check ticking fabric, while the edges of the top mattress are dressed with blue cotton trimming.

Hästens has made beds by hand using pure natural materials for more than 150 years

Like a genuine masterpiece, each Vividus is custom built for its owner and bears the signature of the Hästens master craftsman Jan Erik Leander. A personalized engraved brass plaque signifies that the unique bed has been made especially for you.

Hästens Vividus - Sleep like a 21st-Century King

For connoisseurs, Hästens Vividus represents an investment in a better quality of life. We had recently told you about a V.I.P. guest of The Hazelton Hotel in Toronto, who specifically asked for a $99,000 Vividus bed to ensure a comfortable stay during the upcoming Toronto International film festival. The company’s elite clientele includes superstar Tom Cruise as well.

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