Fusion table – Pool table disguised as dining room table

Andrea Divirgilio / February 23, 2008

fusion table 1Multifunctional pieces of furniture that conserve space rule the day. The Fusion Table, in that respect, can definitely be termed as a modern piece of furniture. So what are the multiple functions it performs? As the name suggests, it’s a table to begin with. It is perfect to be used as a dining table. I guess it’d be too long to serve as a study table. The second function is really interesting. The table reveals a billiard (pool) table when you slide away the plank covering it. Slide the plank back on, and you have your dining table back again. The billiard balls and all can be kept under the plank when you use it as a table. So when you have your guests over, you can start off with a game of billiard, serve dinner and end with another turn at billiard… all on the same table! What fun! It spares you the expenses of buying a billiard table, and saves space too.However, I do wish the table were a little better to look at. It looks way too simple and ordinary.

fusion table 2
fusion table 3

via Tuvie

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