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Haworth’s Plug & Play Power Nap Capsule to sell for $19,300

Andrea Divirgilio / November 2, 2012

With a vision to create beautiful, effective and adaptable workspaces, the market leader in the design and production of office worlds that can be easily integrated in all environments, Haworth has now joined hands with noted designer Marie-Virginie Berbet to design CalmSpace, an office pod. The stand alone, ‘plug & play’ power nap capsule, CalmSpace has been especially designed for the high-profile executives who do intense amount of work, have demanding work schedules or are subject to jet lag, thus facilitating them to relax, refresh and re-energize to be ready for productive work activity.

Haworth's CalmSpace Plug & Play Power Nap Capsule

Haworth's CalmSpace Plug & Play Power Nap Capsule

Executives looking forward to power-nap enter via an acoustic curtain and lay down on a comfortable fabric upholstered mattress, where they are able to select a power nap time period, programmed for 10 or 20 minutes, including preset light and sound setting cycles, helping them fall asleep and wake up smoothly.

Haworth's CalmSpace Plug & Play Power Nap Capsule

Notably, the designer Marie-Virginie Berbet with an unusual background in neuropharmacology has used her scientific knowledge for creating the CalmSpace design.

Haworth's CalmSpace Plug & Play Power Nap Capsule will go on sale for $19,300

Crafted of dark grey-blue colored composite material, the $19,300 CalmSpace boasts acoustic foam used between the internal and external skin, which makes it cozy enough to lull people to sleep.

Haworth's CalmSpace Plug & Play Power Nap Capsule

Speaking about the sleeping pods, we have earlier seen some of the exclusive designer pods including the luxury sleeping pod with LED lights and speakers, the Lomme bed, the Transport Pod Beds, and the Metronaps Energypod lets you sleep at work.

Via: Haworth / Dvice

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