Heckler Designs OneLessDesk for Maclovers

Andrea Divirgilio / January 15, 2008


We have earlier told you about MILK desk designed specifically for Mac-owners and the latest macbook furniture comes from Heckler Design that will be unveiled at the upcoming Macworld 2008. The sleek desk, “OneLessDesk” combines 2 desks in one, one for your 24-inch flat-panel display rather two 24-inchies and other Apple goodies…iPhone, Shuffle, Nano, Touch, iPod Classic and the other for your peripherals. Once you are finished with the work, lower ‘deck’ glides effortlessly under the upper deck for a neat and spacious feel. OneLessDesk occupies about one foot of space from your wall so you can enjoy the extra
space anyways or you can use the independent desks in just about any configuration. The designer desk also features an out-of-sight, rear-facing perforated shelf to hide the wiry mess all in ventilated, heat-sinking comfort. Furthermore, OneLessDesk’s feet include holes designed to give you the option of bolting your desk to the ground to ensure complete safety. Built-in foot rest gives you a place to rest your feet while you work. OneLessDesk is constructed entirely of thick, 12 gauge stainless steel, fully welded, and sports a beautiful, non-directional brushed finish. Only 100 OneLessDesks will be produced initially. So, if you want one then place your order right away to ensure you get one for $900. And, if you don’t happen to be a mac owner then also the desk will go with your gear.

via Wists

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