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Heidi Klum Net Worth

Net Worth $ 70 Million
Heidi Klum
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Born on: 1st Jun 73 Born in: Germany Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Actress and Model
Heidi Klum is a famous German - American model ,actress television host cum producer ,business women ,fashion designer and part time singer. Her first recognition came when she was announced the winner of a national modeling contest in 1992 where she was offered a hefty modeling contract rumored to be around 300,000 USD. She was a former supermodel & was one of the top models among her contemporaries. Heidi Klum is one of the richest models of the world thanks to her supermodel days. Her model assignments & endorsement deals provided the bulk of her income. She has recently diversified into the fashion designing field & has conceptualized her own line of clothes, lingerie, perfumes & swimsuits. The Mouawad Jewelry collection designed by her became a runaway hot & most of the pieces were sold off in record time. She is the face of the world-famous Barbie Doll brand. She even has a rose named after her. Her accumulated bank balance till date is estimated to be in the range of 70 million USD. Heidi Klum leads a very luxurious lifestyle on account of her lavish earnings as a supermodel. She owns a few luxury homes. She bought a 7 million USD villa in the iconic Beverly Hills location in the US in 2005. She also had 2 mansions in Los Angeles previously. She acquired a 13.5 million USD mansion in the same area in 2010. She drives around in luxury cars like Volkswagen Tiguan & Audi Q7. She is involved with a few charitable organizations like the International Red Cross, Elton John AIDS foundation & UNICEF. Sometimes she sings in concerts to raise money for philanthropic causes. Heidi Klum has been married twice. She was born to German parents, her father was an executive & mother was a hairdresser. She spent her early years in Bergisch Gladbach, a small town near Cologne. Her first husband was stylist Ric Pipino whom she married in 1997. But the couple divorced after 5 years. She then entered into a relationship with Formula 1 team Renault's MD Flavio Briatore & had a child with him in 2004. She then got engaged to singer Seal in 2004 & finally the couple tied the knot in 2005. Their union produced 3 children, 2 sons & a daughter. But the marriage ran into rough waters & the couple brought down the curtains of their seven year old marriage in 2012. She is currently not known to be dating anyone.
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Heidi Klum Estates and Homes (1)

Brentwood mansion

Brentwood mansion

Heidi Klum is a famous model who lives in her beautiful dream mansion in Brentwood, California that overlooks the ocean and Los Angeles on 8.5 acres of land. However, there was a strong bidding war with another homebuyer over this lovely home, but Heidi was able to outbid the $13.5 million that was offered.

Location: The exotic mansion is located in Brentwood, California.

Accommodation: This beautiful Mediterranean-style home has 12,300 square feet, a beautiful crafted Scottish fireplace that dates back to the 1600s, eight luxurious bedrooms, a few elegant bathrooms, a beautiful basic kitchen and a large walk in closet for all of Heidi’s lingerie, clothing and shoes.

Features: Some of the special features in and around this lavish home are the library with a fireplace, which over looks the gardens, endless luscious florally green gardens with walking paths to walk through and a beautiful deep swimming pool near an Italian styled rose garden inspired by Heidi’s family. There are even several beautiful water fountains and sitting areas along the property to sit and relax while taking in the beautiful ocean view. Heidi’s children even have a cute little playhouse and area to play in as well when they need to run around outside and burn up some of that energy they have.

Neighbourhood: As far as neighbors go, there isn't too many surrounding the home because it is in such a private place off of one of the cliffs in Los Angeles.

Heidi Klum Autos and Cars (5)

Volkswagen Tiguan

Heidi Klum drives Volkswagen Tiguan

Klum was photographed in May 2011 taking her daughter to a dance class in her silver white colored Volkswagen Tiguan. The $35,000 SUV is powered by a 4200cc turbocharged petrol engine that delivers an output of 200HP at 6000rpm to go with a torque of 207 lb-ft at 5000rpm. The interiors of the Tiguan are very spacious and have been equipped with several expensive features like an eight-speaker audio system with auxiliary input jack, Bluetooth connectivity, touch-screen satellite navigation system, rain sensing wipers and a powerful climate control system. The heated seats have been upholstered in high quality leather. Excellent safety features like a remote anti-theft system along with all round airbags have been provided.

Bentley Continental GTC

Heidi Klum drives Bentley Continental GTC

The supermodel loves to get behind the wheels of her brand new white colored Bentley Continental GTC. The GTC features an electronically powered retractable sunroof and is powered by a twin-turbocharged 6000cc W12 engine attached to a six-speed automatic transmission system that delivers 479 lb-ft of torque along with 552HP of output. Pickup is awesome and the vehicle’s speedometer can touch speeds of 100 km/hour from start in less than 5 seconds. The seats and the steering wheel have been upholstered in expensive leather. Luxury features like an iPod adapter, a 13-speaker Naim audio system; dual zone climate control system, DVD player, Bluetooth connectivity and heated passenger seats have been provided. The GTC is priced at around $200,000 in the US market.

Heidi Klum drives Bentley Continental GTC for a commercial add

Heidi Klum drives Bentley Continental GTC  for a commercial add
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VW Beetle Convertible

Heidi Klum drives VW Beetle Convertible

Heidi Klum was photographed behind the wheels of her VW Beetle Convertible while attending a party held in Los Angeles in March 2009. The actress has extensively customized the Beetle to match her tastes and the vehicle sports a generous dash of her favorite fuchsia pink color in its exterior. The iconic car is powered by a 3200cc petrol engine that produces 222HP of output and 240 lb-ft of torque. The Beetle boasts of superb acceleration and it can clock speeds of 100 km/hour after start in just 6.5 seconds. 210 km/hour is the maximum speed possible. The car has been equipped with expensive features like a powerful air conditioner, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, heated passenger seats and a satellite radio.

Cadillac Escalade

Family car of Heidi Klum, Cadillac Escalade

The model frequently drops her kids to school in her metallic black Cadillac Escalade. At the heart of the $65,000 car lies a powerful 6200cc 8 cylinder engine capable of generating 403HP of power well complemented by 430 lb-ft of torque. The Escalade can waltz to a speed of 100 km/hour from start in less than seven seconds. The engine can also utilize the green E85 biofuel instead of petrol to power itself. A smooth ride in some of the worst road conditions is ensured by the All-Wheel drive system. Expensive features like a Bose 5.1 10-speaker surround sound system, Bluetooth port, USB connectivity, automatic tri-zone climate control and heated front seats have been installed. Seats feature high end leather upholstery.

Range Rover

Heidi Klum drives Range Rover

When it comes to picking up her daughter, model Heidi Klum prefers the safety and comfort of the large Range Rover. The latest version is stronger, more powerful yet lighter than its predecessors. The 3.6-liter, V8 diesel engine churns out 268bhp of power which takes the Rangie to 100 km/h in 9.2 seconds attaining a top speed of over 200 km/h. The 4-wheel drive has minimal body roll, excellent traction control and a built-in 'terrain response' system. The interiors are finished in luxury and safety with ample storage space exceeding 2,000 liters with seats down. The flip sides of owning the Range Rover are the high maintenance costs and low fuel economy.

Heidi Klum Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (3)

Sardinia Vacation

Heidi Klum was spotted enjoying a sultry vacation at Italian Island Sardinia with her spouse Seal Lounged.

International supermodel and television celebrity Heidi Klum was spotted enjoying a sultry vacation at Italian Island Sardinia with her spouse Seal Lounged. It was the 2nd week of August, 2011 when the couple was spotted enjoying their extended vacation with kids in this exotic Italian holiday gateway.

Location: Sardinia is an autonomous region under Italy. It is the 2nd largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, the first being Sicily.The island of Corsica lies closest to Sardinia.

Accommodation: Sardinia is a beautiful island that experiences strong tourist presence all throughout the year. Accommodation options are numerous in this beautiful and exotic island. Be it those expensive spa resorts or private condos, Sardinia features the very best of accommodation option for every category of travelers. It is not only a place suited for the filthy rich categories. For normal people, cheap and affordable accommodation options in the form of boutique hotels, guest house, and motels are available in good quantity.

Main Attractions: Sardinia is not only about exotic beaches and blue Mediterranean sea waves. It is also about numerous prehistoric sites that fills up a large part of the island. Some of the notable historic attractions and sites include Roman town of Tharros, Nuraghe Losa (1500 BC village area), temple of Monte d'Accoddi (considered oldest temple in Italy, 2700 BC), Santa Sabina Church, and Giants' Grave in Dorgali. Apart from historic sites, there are plenty other tourist spots of attraction like the Gompu Canyon (Supramonte),Campidano Plain (Las Plassas), and limestone taco (Ogliastra).

Playing with her kids

Playing with her kids

On the sea shore

On the sea shore

Seal on vacation

Seal on vacation

Italy vacation

Heidi Klum on Italy vacation

Heidi Klum and her husband Seal continued enjoying their extended vacation in Italy. Apart from Sardinia, they visited other places like Manarola, Florence, Venice, Rome, and Tuscany. The couple was accompanied by their four kids.

Location: Italy is a beautiful country located in the southern part of Europe. It is bordered by Austria, Switzerland, France, and Slovenia in the North.The southern side is covered by Italian peninsula and Mediterranean Sea.

Accommodation: There is no shortage of accommodation options in Italy. Be it Venice, Rome, Florence, Sicily, Sardinia, or other areas, the finest of accommodation options are waiting to greet the tourists. In fact, some of the biggest and finest hotels are located in different parts of Italy. Some of the most popular hotels in Italy are Le Sirenuse, Il San Pietro di Positano, Villa San Michele, Palazzo Sasso, and Four Seasons Hotel Firenze.

Main Attractions: Italy is one of the oldest countries in the world. Rome, Italy's capital dates back to some thousands of years. The Colosseum in Rome is one of the major historic attractions in Italy. Milan is the fashion capital with numerous art and fashion galleries. It features some of the finest shopping malls and designer showrooms. Leaning Tower of Pisa in Tuscany is surely another important landmark and wonders of Italy.Italy is filled with attractive spots like monuments, museums, art galleries, concert halls, and the beautiful landscapes.

On the yacht

On the yacht

Shares a kiss with her partner

Shares a kiss with her partner

Complete family vacation

Complete family vacation

Tropical Island

Vacation in Tropical Island

Supermodel and television celebrity Heidi Klum was spotted enjoying a sultry bikini vacation at Tropical Island, California.  It was the 3rd week of December, 2012 when the model was spotted enjoying her holiday gateway.

Heidi Klum Cause (4)


Heidi Klum and Pau Gasol attends the UNICEF Playlist With The A-List program

Heidi Klum utilizes her supermodel status well to bring funds to the UNICEF. Being a big time supporter of human rights, health, children's welfare and the drive against poverty, it is not a surprise that Ms.Klum supports this wing of the United Nations which is an emergency fund.

Red Cross

Heidi Klum supports the efforts of Red Cross

Ms. Heidi Klum has walked the ramp and appeared in ads in a bid to support the activities of the International Red Cross. The Red Cross has as its goal preventing and relieving around the world through blood donation, disaster relief, health and safety services.

Cancer Research UK

By donating a lot of clothes at auctions which benefit cancer research, Ms.Klum has been generously contributing to Cancer Research UK

By donating a lot of clothes at auctions which benefit cancer research, Ms.Klum has been generously contributing to Cancer Research UK which is a collective force comprising of scientists, doctors, nurses and supporters who have pledged to beat cancer and eliminate it from the face of earth.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Heidi Klum attends Children’s Hospital Los Angeles event

Attending events and galas, contributing her time, energy, dresses and most importantly, her presence, supermodel Heidi Klum is an active supporter for the Children's Hospital at Los Angeles. She visits the hospital an interacts with the patients on a regular basis. The hospital is a pediatric, academic and non-profit health center which provides healthcare needs to more than 97,000 children annually.

Heidi Klum Brands (5)

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

When it comes to Heidi Klun’s style you can see her occasionally carrying around a yellow and black Marc Jacobs styled handbag made from leather. This fashionable handbag has a hardware zipper and magnetic fastening tabs, two internal pockets each with zippers as well, three pockets on the outside that fasten shut and the whole inside of the handbag is lined with satin.

Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Sunglasses

Heidi’s favorite shades to wear in the sunshine are her Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Sunglasses with a dark stylish appearance to them. These hot shades have dark lenses to block out the sun’s rays with a well-designed metal frames and wire hooks to hook the shades behind the ears. It seems most of the top models are now wearing these fashionable shades everywhere these days.

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin

One of Heidi’s favorite pair of heels to walk around in is her Christian Louboutin 2011 Maggie Pumps. This stylish pair of pumps is made with leather and suede materials and these heels have a silver chain like appearance to them on the toes for a bit of an edgy look. The heels on these cool heels are about 5.5 inches off the ground to help give Heidi some height and length to her legs.

Blackberry Bold

Blackberry Bold

The German model and actress has been spotted making calls on her BlackBerry Bold 9900, which reveals her like for the brand and brings her in the A-list of BlackBerry family. The Bold Smartphone features a 2.8-inch VGA touch screen offering a nice display performance, while its characteristic QWERTY keypad makes messaging simpler. The phone runs on the recently announced BlackBerry OS 7.


Heidi Klum hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 wearing Versace dresses.

Heidi Klum hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 wearing Versace dresses. The supermodel changed into eight Versace dresses throughout the show.

Only one gown from her haul was haute couture - The white, lattice corset dress with a tulle and puffy skirt was from Versace's exclusive Atelier collection.

Only one gown from her haul was haute couture - The white, lattice corset dress with a tulle and puffy skirt was from Versace's exclusive Atelier collection.
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