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Helena Bonham Net Worth

United Kingdom
Net Worth $ 145 Million
Helena Bonham Lifestyle on Richfiles
Helena Bonham Lifestyle on Richfiles
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Born on: 26th May 66 Born in: United Kingdom Marital status: Married Occupation: Actress
Helena Bonham has delighted audiences for decades now with dozens of famous films, television series, radio pieces and plays. She is the heartthrob of the UK and she achieved the same status in US too with her sterling performances in Fight Club, A Room with a View and as Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter series. She has six golden globe nominations, a BAFTA, a Screen Actors Guild award and has received the CBE honor in 2012 from the Queen at the Buckingham Palace. The secret to Helena's great wealth is the huge number of movies and television series she has acted in. In a career spanning almost 30 years from 1983 till present day, she has played roles in almost 70 movies, many of them which were huge box office successes. Her latest success in the Harry Potter and Deathly Hallowsmovies has grossed her huge earnings. Her presence in stage and radio is no less than about 22 different roles. She also has roles in almost a dozen television series, some of which were very popular. She also inherited a good deal of wealth from her father who was from a famous British political family. Bonham Carter is famous for her absolutely unconventional, 'shabby chic' sense of fashion! And she spends quite some time, energy and money to maintain that image which has got her to the best-dressed list of Vanity Fair. She has been known for vacationing to exotic places a lot with her partners from the past and the present Tim Burton. She lives in a separate large house from her partner. She drives a Mercedes, owns the latest iPhone, wears Polo Ralph Lauren, uses MAC Cosmetics and patronizes Stephen Webster jewelry. She is also very much into charity with contributions to Action Duchenne, UNICEF, Oxfam, Children of Peace and Refugeto name a few. Born to a psychotherapist mother and a banker father, Helena had a rough childhood where her mother suffered from a nervous breakdown when she was barely 5 and father got paralyzed due to complications in brain surgery when she was 13. Her schooling was at the Westminister School during which she got her first break as Juliet in a radio ad. A talent like hers was noticed and soon she began her full fledged acting career with major roles in the movies like A Room With a View, Miami Vice and Hamlet. These early movies established her as a 'corset queen'. Then came the success in television with the comedy, Absolutely Fabulous. And then came awards galore. For instance, the movie, The Wings of the Dove alone won a dozen awards! The King's Speech and the Harry Potter series are her latest successes. She is currently in a relationship with director, Tim Burton, whom she met on the sets of Planet of the Apes. She mothers two children.
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