Hellmuth Hund Jewelry Collection for Dog Lovers
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Hellmuth Hund Jewelry Collection for Dog Lovers

Hellmuth Hund Jewelry Collection for Dog Lovers

They have been around for quiet some time now designing uber masculine jewelry pieces with crocodile motifs. And now, Hellmuth, the celebrated diamond and silver jewelry brand from Germany, through their latest range gives all pet loving jewelry enthusiasts a new reason to cheer. Known as Hellmuth Hund (German for dog), the range includes diamond accented charms featuring 23 different American Kennel breeds. Unique in its own little way, Hellmuth's, however, is not the first example where a jewelry brand has used pets as a theme for their collection. We had earlier seen animal themed designs in the most expensive jewelry range. Meche too came out with their $16,000 diamond dog pendant that features diamond shaped like a dog's head. The Hellmuth Hund collection, therefore, carries the tradition further.

The Hellmuth Hund collection for dog lovers

The charms will be available in three different size and metal variations. Bathed in 14 carats of solid gold, one features Hellmuth’s signature crocodile patterns on the back. The second has a body made of sterling silver and flaunts exquisite white diamonds. The third variation in the Hellmuth Hund collection is done in plain sterling silver with icy diamonds adding to the charm. The prices, though not confirmed yet, are expected to vary between $546 and $7,998.

The charms will be available in three sizes and three metal variations

And just in case you are not able to find your pet among the 23 AKC breeds depicted on the Hellmuth pieces, the company is offering customized options as well. All you need to do is submit a high resolution picture of your favorite pet and the same will be used by Hellmuth to craft a custom piece. The best part is, when going in for a customized image, you can even get the diamonds replaced by any other precious or semi precious stone.

Shoppers can get custom designs ordered too

While celebrities are known to pamper their pets, others in the category, the less famous ones,would do the same as well. The Hellmuth Hund range is, therefore, meant for pet lovers around the world “who would love to be reminded of their beloved four-legged friend all the time” said Hellmuth’s President Gert Hellmuth.

Via: Hellmuth

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