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Helmut Newton’s most important works of photography goes on auction

Andrea Divirgilio / April 15, 2012

For those in awe of Helmut Newton’s works behind the camera, the upcoming auction of Christie’s London will truly be a delight, as his most iconic photographs are up on auction on May 16, 2012. One of fashion world’s staunchest iconic names for his expertise on portraits had begun his life as a political fugitive during the Nazi rule in Germany during the 1930’s, but over the years used his creative talent in ways which most people still cherish. This auction event will have his most famous works such as ‘Self-portrait with wife and models’ which he shot in 1981, apart from untilled nude Polaroid pictures and also the ones called ‘Fashion Studies’ go under the hammer along with works of artists like Irving Penn and David Lachapelle.

Like most painters who have considered their best works to be in the area of nude art, Mr. Newton’s most famous works was from the same segment. This picture, perhaps his most prominent, showed his wife along with nude models in the ‘Vogue’ magazine studio, with him taking the photographs. Estimated to fetch between $110,000 and $140,000, this picture had fetched $128,500 went it changed hands in 2010.

Polaroid with tiled World Gem Flash

Seems like Mr. Newton never really stopped taking chances, when the opportunity for a good photograph came along the way. This was the reason he used Polaroid quite a bit, as shown with the series of 3 SX70 pictures, with each having the marking of ‘World Gem Flash’. They are expected to fetch between $16,000- $23,000.

Untitled Polaroid 1975

Based around the theme of ‘Nudes’ and ‘Swimming Pools’, Helmut Newton took a series of pictures including this untitled one which shows a nude woman diving into the pool. The picture is known to have been taken in 1975 for the 1976 Pentax calendar. The estimates for this picture is between $6,100- $9,000.

Naomi Campbell by David Lachapelle

But since the event isn’t about the Vogue magazine photographer, there will be some other artists whose work will be changing hands. They include the likes of David Lachapelle, who had photographed Noami Campbell, including this ‘Fly Girl’ photograph in 2005. This is a chromogenic print, which measures 50 x 60 inches. This one is expected to fetched $38,000-$50,000 at the auction.

Via: Christie’s

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