Hennessy Limited Edition Bottle to mark the 50th Anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence

Andrea Divirgilio / May 2, 2012

Out of all the historic occasions being celebrated this year, the Jamaican Independence Day is one of them which will take place on the 6th August. This year, it’s also their 50th anniversary of their independence, for which renowned cognac maker Hennessy has introduced the limited edition cognac bottle. Taking every bit the experience the company has gained in creating liquid masterpieces like the Ellipse cognac, the XO & VSOP limited editions, and also the KAWS special edition bottle, the company now has unveiled a bottle to mark the occasion. This comes as a follow up after the ‘Jamaica 50’ bartender contest was launched earlier, which would invite bartenders to create a special cocktail for this occasion.

Hennessy Limited Edition Jamaica 50th anniversary bottle

On May 1, 2012, this special edition bottle of cognac went on sale, with active participation of Maurice Richard Hennessy, who happens to be an 8th generation descendent of the company’s founder, Richard Hennessy. As he has been doing in the past, he has actively promoted the special bottle of Cognac that has traditionally been known as a favorite of the country, especially the VS variety. Hence, as amark of gratitude and loyal fan following, Hennessy presented this special edition bottle for them.

Speaking of the cognac itself, it is known to have been made with the best of local ingredients from Jamaica. Due to the weather conditions, and the flora and fauna, each ingredient is known to have its own distinctive touch, which will differentiate this cognac from many of the rest. However, the price and the limited edition stock if any, hasn’t been announced as yet. But for those who like their drinks truly unique, it does come as a collector’s item to be savored.

Via: Jamaica Gleaner

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