Hermès Basketball For $13,000

Alberto / August 29, 2013

A leading tabloid recently reported that the luxurious French fashion label “Hermes” is offering a collection of very rare limited edition items as part of a special offer. Reportedly “Hermes” is trying to attract its upscale American consumers by opening three brand new retail outlets in select upmarket locations of the likes of Atlanta, Miami and Beverly Hills.

Media reports suggest that “Hermes” is launching a special edition custom made royal blue coloured basketball. The special basketball is slated to be launched at the grand reopening of Hermes’ Beverly Hills boutique.

However it must be noted that this is no ordinary basketball and the newly launched product is a true collectors’ item and is all set to dazzle plenty of Americans. The luxurious basketball is exorbitantly priced at $13,000. The mind boggling price tag of the basketball is due to the fact that it features calfskin leather of the highest quality. The company has employed hand stitching techniques similar to that employed to manufacture the brand’s iconic “Birkin Bags” in order to fabricate the exquisitely crafted sports souvenir.

According to a statement released by Robert Chavez , the CEO of “Hermes” it has been claimed that the reason blue was chosen as the official colour for the basketball was due to the fact that it represents various elements of nature like oceans, skies and water. All these natural elements are an integral part of life in Los Angeles and Southern California. On further questioning the CEO confirmed that the luxury article can be played with just like a regular basketball since it is made of sturdy leather and employs superior stitching techniques.

However it must be noted that considering the pricey sum of this unique basketball and the luxurious brand name it bears, it is definitely better to keep it off the play court and stick to the regular basketball brands. Apparently only a couple of these overpriced lavish basketballs have been created which reinforces its coveted limited edition status. Both of the basketballs can be specially ordered from the brand’s Paris atelier.

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