Hermes unveils $91,500 T-shirt made of crocodile skin

Andrea Divirgilio / March 29, 2013

Just in case you were wondering if there is any sense of austerity in the high-end fashion circles, Hermes blows it all away to ashes. Perhaps the perfect companion to the Daniel J T-shirts, UNICEF designer shirts, and the $400,000 diamond studded shirt, Hermes has unveiled a $91,500 crocodile skin T-shirt at its Madison Square Avenue outlet in New York. 100% pure crocodile leather, this t-shirt perhaps takes a shot at those who are looking for bugetory cuts, or have taken the path of animal friendly fashion in recent times. Perfect fit for a uber rich wardrobe, the fabrication is known to be from the skin of the rare Nile crocodiles, which currently cater to the top brass fashion brands for the expensive fabric skin.

Hermes black crocodile skin Tshirt

The Hermes store in Madison Avenue in New York has a policy of not letting anyone take photographs within their stores, of any of the items displayed. But a smart blogger managed to sneak in, to take the snap of the price tag attached to the T-shirt, which is actually a part of the range from Hermes, all sporting price tags between $60,000 and $100,000. In fact, the local taxes of more than $8,000 on top of this will ensure that the price touches the 6-figure barrier easily.

Hermes black crocodile skin Tshirt tag

What makes it all sound even more ridiculous, is what else could actually be bought with that kind of money, which could perhaps have betterv benefits; A trip to South African forests, 9 Hermes bags, 25,000 Hanes T-shirts which one could wear over a lifetime, or even some decently tech loaded car. But for spend thrift fashionista, the black crocodile skin and price tag certainly has its charm.

Via: The Awl

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