Hi-Tech Radiator with Built-in AM/FM Radio

Andrea Divirgilio / June 15, 2007

modum 2 12
We earlier inundated you with the Tubor Mirror Radiator from Nico Smeenk. The designer chalks out yet another hi-tech radiator design with ‘Modum.’ Though, the Modum looks a lot like any other steel radiator but it boasts some hi-tech features to set it apart from the traditional radiators. It is equipped with a thermostat to regulate the heating according to the desired room temperature besides a range of accessories including an Am/FM radio, and on request, a perfume diffuser and an ionizer. Perfect for setting your mood and room temperature in a chilly winter evening!

tm radiators 12
But, that’s not it! The newly introduced T&D line has some amazing options including the heart-shaped Cuore radiator for the love-struck and Fiori, inspired by nature. So, what do you think…will wait to own one from the collection till winter!!

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