‘Hidden Friends’ gives your memories a permanent place on the table

Andrea Divirgilio / July 6, 2010

hidden friends table son in ae

While a regular coffee table is just meant to harmonize the mood and decor of your space, there are a few that tend to change the said notion. Designed by Son In-ae, the “Hidden Friends” is a table that is sure to become the centerpiece of your living room. The multifunctional table features a built-in pop-up lamp that resembles a lightsaber and a pop-up digital frame that is concealed in the table surface. While enjoying a cup of coffee over the Hidden Friends table, you and your family and friends can also enjoy the family photographs and other memorable moments instantly. Furniture units with some multimedia capabilities have always enticed me, and the Hidden Friends table is no exception. This clutter-free, trendy coffee table is just a concept for now.

hidden friends table 3
hidden friends table 2
hidden friends table 4

Via: Yanko Design

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