High Definition Golf Simulator for Luxury Homes

Andrea Divirgilio / September 21, 2012

Here is the ultimate way to feed your love for the game of golf, the High Definition Golf Simulator that not only looks and lets you play like real golf, considering the only thing more realistic is the course itself, but also doubles as home theater. Featuring a curved ‘wrap-around’ screen with a wide field-of-view and high-resolution graphics, this golf simulator designed by Interactive Sports Technologies is certainly the closet what a golf lover will get to the real golf course, without worrying about weather, golf pants and other golfers. However, we have also earlier seen some of the finest golf simulators including the Bravo Golf simulator that boasts 3D graphics, the Golfotron golf simulator, the Eball golf simulator, and the Holiday Golf’s System 4 indoor golf simulator for realistic golfing in your den.

High Definition Golf Simulator for Luxury Homes

For a completely immersive experience, the simulator is available with a 16:9 aspect-ratio and 1920 x 1200 pixel screen resolution. Player will experience playing golf with superior accuracy, thanks to the industry’s most advanced computer vision ball and club tracking and measurement systems that have been incorporated into this golf simulator.

Other of the notable features include extensive selection of world famous championship courses, driving ranges, games including ‘longest drive’ and ‘closest-to-pin’, real-looking golf courses, and a smart touch-screen interface. The manufacturer High Definition Golf has combines these curved screens with photo-realistic imagery that offers unparalleled realism.

High Definition Golf Simulator for Luxury Homes

Further, internet connectivity allows you to share video files, as well as let you compete in exciting online tournaments and much more.

HD Golf simulators can be installed in a choice of “soft-wall” or “hard-wall” configurations, in buyer’s choice of three sizes. And, the package includes an advanced desktop workstation, an HDTV-compatible projector, a 19-inch touch-screen console, the high-definition Golf precision ball tracking system, a golf frame, pro-grade nylon golf turf, tee mats, and a stereo sound system.

Also, the system can be connected to any satellite or cable system, a game console of any other device to enjoy the home theater experience.

Via: HDGolf / ElectronicHouse

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