High-end luxury watches crafted from rare materials
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High-end luxury watches crafted from rare materials

High-end luxury watches crafted from rare materials

The watchmakers noted for their brilliance in the field of horology and dedicated to creating innovative timepieces to attract and retain its discerning clients that demands excellence, exclusivity and choice, not just come up with the luxurious, most expensive timepieces crafted out of gold and diamonds, but also offer high-end timepieces with cases made out of rare materials like ivory of wooly mammoth that died some 10,000 years ago, moon dust, original parts of historic ships, helicopters, airplanes, and even the bullets of the purchase a gift certificate 25 mg para la eyaculacion precoz generic viagra online canadian buy baclofen online australia mobicox tabletas 15mg boehringer Flobert 6mm gun, besides the universal material choices including steel, platinum or gold. The new era of watch design isn't just about the complications, but also about the novelties and innovative approach in design. Our picks includes watches that stand out with their cool and non-conservative design. Check-out!

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Price: $43,910 for the gold version

Material used: Ivory

Availability: Limited to just 25 watches

The Dresdon-based top watchmaker Lang & Heyne offers ‘Caliber I’ in ivory, an exceptional timepiece that has been crafted entirely with ivory, and is inspired by an historical watch made over a century ago. However, for the material used, the watchmaker has not harmed any elephant, rather has used the tusk of a wooly mammoth died some 10,000 years ago. The tusk was surviving in the Permafrost soil of Russian arctic tundra.

Romain Jerome's Moon Dust Red Mood Chrono watches

Price: $27,880

Material used: Moon Dust and fibers recovered from an ISS spacesuit

Availability: Limited to 1,969 units

The noted Swiss luxury watch brand Romain Jerome offers the unique Moon Dust Red Mood Chrono timepiece, boasting a sporting lunar grey dial, which is a hand-sculpted illustration of the lunar surface with its material containing prized Moon dust. The watch notably carries all of the RJ’s distinctive design codes, including the notched pushers, the 4 heavy paws, special screw-locked lugs, and satin brushed 6 and 3 o’clock counters, along with a beautiful red gold case topped by a bezel coated with carbon-fiber.

Further, the watch which is fast delivery usa prednisone 40 mg . pain relief|muscle relaxant. guaranteed on line prednisone orders, where to buy deltasone over the counter, deltasone 40 mg pills cost uk, can deltasone be prednisone 60 pills 40 mg : 127.29$ limited to just 1,969 examples comes with an exclusive alligator strap partly woven with fibers recovered from an ISS spacesuit and carbon-fibers.

Devon Tread 1 Steampunk Limited Edition Watch

Price: $25,000

Exuding a retro-futuristic feel, the Devon Tread 1 Steampunk from the California-based design lab Devon is actually steam-punk version of its impressive Tread 1 timepiece, which is an inventive, daring, and state-of-the-art electro-mechanical timepiece with exposed movement of interwoven Time Belts based system used to indicate the time. With its aeronautically engineered 2 microns thin mechanical conveyor belt time system that moves the numerals into exactly the right positions at right times, bolted brass casing, and battery which recharges using wireless induction, this timepiece will be the epitome of steampunk movement.

Bremont Victory watch

Materials used: Original parts from the HMS Victory ship

Price: $18,000

Availability: Limited to 250 units

As part of its DNA, the watch impressively carries pieces of the HMS Victory ship which is known to be the flagship of Lord Nelson during the battle of Trafalgar in 1805, along with centuries of old history and the classic English design. Having a prominent 43mm sapphire crystal covered stainless steel dial, the Bremont Victory watch that comes with black alligator strap sports a retrograde mechanical movement, all of whose parts have been assembled within the UK.

Kobold's Himalaya Everest Edition Watch

Price: $16,500

Material used: Mt. Everest summit limestone

Availability: Limited to 25 pieces

Boasting an ultra special dial exclusively crafted from a piece of rock collected from the summit of Mt. Everest, the Himalaya Everest Edition timekeeper from the house of Pennsylvania-based watchmaker of adventure-ready watches Kabold, is truly the world’s first in the field of horology. Handmade in Nepal, the watch’s mysterious 7 mm-thick face comes straight from the Mt. Everest summit limestone plucked by the watchmaker Michael Kabold himself, back in 2009. Notably, each of the 25 limited edition watches are truly unique, and will remind the grandeur of the mighty Mt. Everest.

Angular Momentum & Manu Propria’s timepiece

Material used: Zirconium metal ‘Zirconium702’

Price: NA

The Swiss watchmakers, Angular Momentum & Manu Propria offers an exotic timepiece which has been exclusively crafted out of Zirconium, a lustrous, grayish-white, strong transition metal that resembles Titanium, and has high affinity to oxygen. Sporting a decorated hand-winding movements caliber FHF 96, the watch’s case, dial, crown, and movement holder have been milled out of solid Zirconium702. Interestingly, the materials fabricated from Zirconium metal and its oxides are used in space vehicle parts for their resistance to heat.

Meccaniche Veloci Only One watch

Material used: Airframe of world's most historic helicopter ‘Huey’, parts of racing cars and airplanes

Price: NA

The Meccaniche Veloci Only One watch collection has been exclusively crafted from the parts of helicopter, cars and planes, the objects that signify speed and raciness. The watches based on four engine pistons, has impressively drawn inspiration from race tracks.

The Only One Air Huey packs within itself buy Cialis online bits and pieces from one of history’s most coveted Huey helicopters used during the Vietnam War for medical evacuation operations.

The Red Passion 98 collection baclofen prices walgreens does baclofen show up in drug tests can you buy baclofen online prescrire du baclofene what are baclofen 10mg tablets for baclofen  is watchmaker’s greatest revelations from the racing car category. Dials of the Red Passion beauties have all been taken from an ace Formula one single-seater racing car, which debuted at Gran Prix of Australia in 1998, had won six races, apart from scoring twice in the Formula one Championship.

ARTYA Sun of Gun ‘black’ edition

Material used: 6 bullets of the Flobert 6mm gun

Price: NA

The ARTYA's Sun of Gun ‘black’ edition watch impressively brings watchmaking and firearms on to aesthetic common platform, as it comes with a 316L stainless steel black PVD coated casing, and occupies 47mm of your wrist space, apart from its black runner strapping. With 6 bullets of the Flobert 6mm gun, the hours get symbolized in 2-hour interval positions at 12, 2,4,6,8 & 10 ‘o’clock slots. Further, the watch’s self-winding movement has 25 jewel components, while its skeleton has been created with sapphire crystal for resistance to scratches.

Dominic Wilcox’s ‘Moments in Time’ watch sculptures

Price: buy methotrexate online NA

The watches impressively displays the figures on its seconds and minute hands, and as the hands move in their natural clockwise paths, purchase Viagra these miniature sculptures move along displaying the moments in perfect motion. Introduced in 7 models, the watch’s dials are covered in specially crafted glass domes by Wearside Glass Sculptures to fit the figures in vertical positions. These watches may not be what one could wear on their wrist, but are certainly collectables which will garner significant attention for the unique idea they are built on.

Magellan’s new ‘Magelluna’ Moon watch

Price: NA

Designed to virtually put the moon to the wrist of the wearers, the Magellan’s new ‘Magelluna’ Moon watch features a 43.5 mm diameter casing, a dome-shaped, sapphire crystal covered dial which impressively features a black PVD coated, poke marked dial that has a garland of Roman numeral markings on the side to display time. And in the centre, the part we mentioned, brings forward a very realistic miniature rendering of the moon.

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