High Performance Automatic Bathtub

Andrea Divirgilio / January 2, 2008

dulce bathtub

If your idea to relax is to run a hot water bath after a tiring day out then investing in a bath tub with great massage features is a necessity more then luxury living. We keep telling you about hi-tech bath tubs every now and then and another decent option on the list is this automatic bathtub by Stas-Doyer called ‘Dulce bathtub’. The high performance tub with 180 jets of water, offers fully programmable massage on 6 anatomical zones. Zones can work separately or together. The functions are controlled by ‘Touch sensitive screen’. The other features include automatic rinsing, automatic filling and draining. The tub scores on looks with translucide shell and chromotherapy lighting.

Check-out gallery below for more pics.

via Trendir

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