Highest Paid Fashion Model in the World: Giselle Bündchen

Britney Scott / July 17, 2013

 The Brazilian hot stepper Giselle Bündchen has proved that she is the reigning supermodel in the world with a formidable net worth of  $250 million.  She is indeed leading the pack of other prominent models like Kate Moss by proving that age and motherhood are not obstacles in achieving success in the fashion world.  Bündchen who is in her early thirties is the highest paid fashion model in the world with her multiple assignments that range from spokesperson deals and modelling gigs to independent licensing deals.  She endorses a range of high end products and brands such as Versace, Esprit and Pantene and also rakes profits from Ipanema flip-flops and gains from profit sharing on other products that bear her name.  While she is popularly known as the better half of Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback in the United States, however she is known to be an effective spokesperson back in her country, Brazil.

Bündchen has evidently etched a name for herself in both fashion, modelling and business and is a role model for various upcoming young models who look up to Gisele Bündchen.  Gisele is perhaps that last amongst the league of the supermodels such as Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer, who has seen a phenomenal rise in the world of modelling by staying at the top slot for years now.


This beauty was brought to fame with her stint as Victoria’s Secret ‘Angel’ and has now proved herself by being a successful actress and business woman too.  Her earning over the past decade has exceeded the 250 million dollar mark and she has developed into a powerful celebrity who holds a lot of respect in the modelling world.  In fact, Gisele recently spoke against the use of photoshopping in the fashions world and actually wore no makeup in her latest BLK DNM campaign, as she wants photographers to take realistic and natural pictures by embracing the normal imperfections.

This drop-dead beautiful mother of two has worked for many prestigious campaigns such as the one for Les Beiges, the new make-up range by Chanel.  After marrying her beau Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen and her husband have become a power couple who are perhaps second in their ranking to the status of Beyonce and Jay Z.  Gisele is already the highest paid supermodel in the world because of her business acumen, property investments, endorsements, magazine shoots and licensing shoots- and is on the way of becoming the first billionaire in the modelling world soon!

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