Historic Tobin Clark Estate in Hillsborough, California up for auction
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Historic Tobin Clark Estate in Hillsborough, California up for auction

Historic Tobin Clark Estate in Hillsborough, California up for auction

Built as a symbolic epitome of British architecture and design in 1930, the historic Tobin Clarke Estate in Hillsborough, California is now upon on the auction block for sale. While it has been on and off the market for the last 10 years, one begins to wonder why it hasn’t yet changed hands, especially after taking a look at the awe-inspiring vintage British architecture, and the placing within a garland of dense and lush green vegetation. Like the property itself, the history of the mansion and its construction is just as elaborate and full of facts.

In 1920, Mrs. Cebia Tobin Clark, who was the heiress to the fortune of the Hibernia Bank, commissioned the construction of this mansion estate. Since she was known to be very particular about what she wanted, there was extra care taken to get the best sources for everything for being included in the estate including the 18th century English oak, pine wood carving from Grinling Gibbons, trees from Monterey Peninsula, other than rose terraces construction, and also multiple varieties of olives which were a favorite choice of Mrs. Clark. The interiors were done up by the likes of star designers like Syrie Mougham, who also chose the rarest and most exotic of offerings like 18th century Chinese coverings, to give it the best possible aesthetics, while the overall construction had the brain of Mr. David Adler.

Tobin Clark Estate aerial view

Listed Price: $29,000,000

Settings: Nestled in a secluded area of Hillsborough, California, the estate is based in one of the richest neighborhoods in the United States. In a garlanded area of vegetation, the 9 acre estate is located very near to 3 international airports, and the overall area has been divided into open space for state gardens and lawns, apart from being the location to the Grande 35,000 sq ft mansion with 30 rooms. Entering the classical wrought iron gates, one encounters of the giant guest foyer area which falls after the cobble stone driveway and a central courtyard area with giant fountain at the center. On entering the mansion, one would encounter the reception area, then the carved balustrade staircase which would lead to the formal dining room, the grand terrace area, the library and the music room, known as one of the best in the United States. Along the path, one would notice rather exquisite works of art from as early a period as the 17th century, bought over specially for matching the grandeur of the mansion. Opulence seems to be every bit as part of the property, which perhaps is the reason behind 3 presidents of the United States patronizing this property over different periods of time. The rest of the areas would need some exclusive navigation upon entrance, but stays networked within this part of the house.

Another interesting fact about the location and estate setting of the property is the location at the prime location of the Hillsborough town, which was a creation in the late 17th century, where the crème de la crème of society bought estate for vacationing and holidaying. With the time as people started pouring in, the prestige associated with staying in the area increased manifold, and on this present time frame, it is known to be in vicinity of major universities, the Silicon Valley, and also the picturesque Napa Valley apart from the international airports. It also stands as a testimony to the area’s golden years which saw many such estates being built, but being destroyed over time.

Tobin Clark Estate room

Address: 40, Verbalee Lane, Hillsborough, California, USA.

Accommodation: A total of 30 rooms exist in the mansion, which include the 9 bedrooms with 11 bathrooms, wine cellar, music room, kitchen, service pantry areas, guest apartment, bar-room, recreation and media room, library, formal dining room, grand terrace, and the 6-car garage. Some of the highlights from these areas include the black and white marble of the reception and foyer area, the 55-foot long music room, with 15 foot high ceilings and 17th century English wood paneling, triple gold moldings, matching fireplaces. On the other hand, the personal areas like the bedrooms feature carved wooden furniture with cushioned color matched upholstery made from select fabrics apart from the matching fireplaces, and the gold work on some fixtures in some prominent areas, which also feature in the common areas of the mansion.

Tobin Clark Estate drawing room

Facts and Figures:

· Built in 1930, after being commissioned in 1920 by Mrs. Cebia Tobin Clark, who wanted the very best of every part of the house, especially the fixtures and fabrics. Hence flora and fauna from far away locations were brought in to decorate the estate.

· Was bought by the current owner, Mr. Sam Bamieh, at a foreclosure auction for a price of $3.2 million.

· Has a total of 30 rooms, including bedrooms, bathrooms, 1700-bottle wine cellar, music room, dining room, library, apart from the common areas like the living room, entrance foyer, car garage, etc.

· Has played host to dignitaries like Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H Bush, King Hussein of Jordan, and Margaret Thatcher.

· Has 3 international airports, apart from universities, Silicon Valley, and the Napa Valley at convenient proximity.

· The property is currently being marketed by 4 firms in the country which include Kellar Williams Realty International, Sotheby’s International Realty, Engel & Volkers, and Alan Pinel Realtors.

Via: 40 Verbaleelane/ PR

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