Holes kaleidoscope glasses from Pam Tietze is eyewear art

Andrea Divirgilio / May 7, 2013

Like we noticed in the case of the recent trends in sun glasses, the designing of eyewear seems to have moved a long way from the traditional methods known. From slate and stone, to diamonds, rubies, and emerald are now directly used make eye wear parts, which would make heads turn at sight. Hence, for such an audience who have inkling to set themselves apart from anything one may have seen, the Holes kaleidoscope glasses from Pam Tietze takes a leap further into the zone of object d’art of eyewear. Made from crystals glass prisms from chandeliers, it allows the wearer to see their world in a chaotic form of visuals, like what one would see in a kaleidoscope. Anyone with a taste of the psychedelic lifestyle, the Holes glasses fir perfectly in their collection.

Holes Kaleidoscope glasses by Pam Tietze is more of eyewear art

With an aim to see the world in a different dimension, and perhaps to even show around what designing could bring forth, the Holes glasses by Pam Tietze isn’t something bad to try out.

Holes Kaleidoscope glasses by Pam Tietze have been made from glass crystals from chandeliers

If Pam’s words are to be taken into account, “In the end, I hope they evoke the feeling of being a tourist in your own reality.” So, next time one actually needs a complete break from the harsher realities of life, and feels the need to break away, or even perhaps stroke a new wave of creativity, the Holes Kaleidoscope could come to the rescue. The prism-like finish of the glasses, mainly due to being derived from the chandeliers grade glass crystals, might even evoke the visual of being viewed by one’s own self! What more would one need anyway? Perhaps a bit of extra cash as we figure out, these won’t be the cheapest things on the market.

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Via: Design Taxi/ Holes

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