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Holtkamper Kyte tent trailer promises utmost camping comfort

Andrea Divirgilio / March 29, 2011

holtkamper kyte tent trailer
Camping requirements have grown just a little more diverse. If you want your family and friends to take ultimate pleasure in the great outdoor expeditions, you need to check out the new Holtkamper Kyte tent trailer. Its makers consider it to be the world’s most astonishing tent trailer, featuring so many new designs, technologies and gadgets in a single unit. The Kyte pole-free awning floats above the ground, and there is no need for any loose upright poles for the support. The suspended carbon mast of the pole-free awning keeps the entire awning taught, even during storms. Bert Holtkamp, the Kyte’s designer, says…

When the Kyte is folded in and out, the awning stays connected to the mast. Because of this, positioning the mast is a piece of cake. The carbon fiber makes the mast extremely strong, but at the same time very lightweight. In no time, you transform a few meters of fabric into a majestic kite.

The self-bearing roofs guard the windows and the sidewall of the main tent against rain and direct sunlight. The Roof Extensions also prevent the sidewalls from getting dirty soon. The Kyte is equipped with a patented system for ventilation, insulation and condensation prevention – the Holtkamper Membrane Airco Tent system.

The Holtkamper Kyte tent trailer has more than enough space to accommodate your stuff. There is 1,500 liters of luggage space under the collapsible slatted bed. In fact, the entire trailer can be filled with your belongings. The Holtkamper Pack-N-Go lets you have access to the luggage space without folding out the tent.

• The Kyte Kitchen

This Kyte kitchen is one of highlights of the tent trailer. It comes with a superb three-ring gas range covered with a stylish glass plate, two spacious shelves with many drawers, cutlery, water supply and a fridge. Everything inside the Kyte kitchen accessible easily, thanks to the practical Curver boxes.

• Sleep System

To ensure you relax properly, the Kyte offers a slatted bed with a King Size mattress measuring 210 x 155 cm. There are plenty of ventilation options you can use from the bed. The windows can be opened from inside out at any position, and the sleeping cabin has a huge ventilation wall with mosquito netting. Moreover, there is the Membrane System in the roof.

With its amazing features and ample storage, the Holtkamper Kyte tent trailer is simply fun, and is designed to enhance your camping experience.

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