Home Theater modeled after the ‘Titanic’

Andrea Divirgilio / February 23, 2007

titanic home theater 48
If you haven’t come out of the ecstasy of the Ultimate Home Theater, a Tennessee couple hopes to get you out. The Tennessee couple has docked a Titanic replica in their high-end home theater. The 20-by-14-foot theater comes equipped with a custom-made 120-inch screen and Tru Audio surround-sound speakers entrenched in the room’s pillars and ceiling. And the ceiling is in actual a flamboyant dome that flaunts 1,230 fiber optic light strands to enrich you with a night sky-like experience. Now, homeowners are planning to add some cocktail tables with a couple of seats to the ultimate system. No doubt, Leonardo and Kate would love to enjoy a movie in this ultimate home theater.

via ElectronicHouse

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