Honda NSX Type-R
Honda NSX Type-R | $ 116,000
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Honda NSX Type-R

Honda NSX Type-R

The first ever NSX was unveiled by Honda way back in the 1990s and its subsequent versions have over the years undergone numerous improvements at the Nurburgring Sporting Circuit in Germany to enhance the sportiness of the car. The Honda management was so impressed with the facilities available at the German circuit that they decided to build a similar yet shortened version within the magnificent Takasu Proving Ground on Japan's Hokkaido Island. In consonance with popular expectations, the car underwent thorough re-engineering to compete against comprehensive sports cars like Skyline GTRs and Supras in Japan's JGTC race series.


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As part of Honda’s weight reducing concerns, the interiors of the NSX-R have been given a restrained look. This includes lighter red floor and trunk carpets, NSX-R specific carbon powered Kevlar Recaro seats, steering wheels from MOMO, a lighter shifter boot, titanium shift knobs, single layer partition glass for the rear bulkheads, and all the interior panels wrapped in lighter unpadded rubber. Air conditioning, stereo, high definition headlights, and SRS systems have been made optional.


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An extensive weight reduction program was carried out to improve the car’s sporting reflexes. The front 'bonnet' and rear spoiler of the newer version have been made from carbon fiber, along with some heady concoction of titanium pieces to comprise the car’s interior anatomy. Lighter rear glass and carpets were specifically chosen apart from removing an extra bit of soundproofing to shed the required weight. Even the 3.2-litre V6 engine is now a tenth lighter all adding up to a total weight saving of 120kg from the erstwhile weight of 1390 kg of a Standard NSX. Customized aerodynamics also play a part here as the engineers have created a flatter under body, while the air that feeds the radiators in the nose departs from a large vent fixed into the bonnet.

A re-christened rear diffuser and the lifted boot spoiler also help keep the car glued to the road. Like any other race oriented Honda platform, the NSX-R gets rigid re-valve front and rear dampers to equal the higher spring rates of the newer model, and a denser front anti-roll bar. Larger front and rear tower bars have also been used. Hardened suspension and plenty of support from the automated steering gives the car a firmer grip over the road. The high thrill racing experience of the NSX is further magnified by personalized Potenza tires, courtesy Bridgestone, who on account of their asymmetric striding pattern, allow drivers to enjoy the thrill of ridiculously high turning speeds.

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