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Honda NSX

Honda NSX

Mention luxury sports car and Honda NSX cannot be left out. First produced by Japanese automaker in the year 1990, the impressive coupe has always managed to make heads turn. The future of luxury cars sure looks promising with a second generation NSX, aka Honda Acura NSX, which is expected to enter into production in 2014 and made a debut in 2012 at the Detroit Auto Show. This luxury on wheels will come with a heavy price tag of US $150,000, with speedy traits ready to conquer roads.


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The interior will be a picture of comfort and luxury and as sumptuous as the exterior. The sport inside will have a lot of carbon fiber inserts along with a three spoke steering wheel enhancing its prettiness. Its racing bucket seats will unfurl a lot of comfort, while a generous headroom and leg room will make long rides less tiring. The sophisticated interiors promise to ooze a lot of class, which will make eyes do a cartwheel in surprise.


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The outer skin is definitely impressive with carbon fiber panels fitted nicely on a body frame crafted out of aluminum. A large wheelbase and short overhangs will add to its beauty, fetching a lot of attention as it moves on the road with utmost panache. Fine lines will rule its sexy silhouette, with stylish headlights and an attention grabbing rear wing completing the look.

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