Hot Rod BBQ Grill made from a 1939 Dodge pickup

Andrea Divirgilio / March 30, 2011

willie elder dodge truck bbq grills

We, over at BornRich, are all after steaks and outdoor partying, so we are always on the hunt for exceptional BBQ grills. In the past, we have seen the Dragon BBQ grills, train-like the grill trailer, a PS3 Grill, the classic Holden Monaro GTS grill, the Chevy V8 Grill, the Pistol BBQ Grill and the hand-crafted BBQ VETTE grill. This time, we have a homemade barbecue grill that Willie Elder from Greeley Colorado has made from the front end of a 1939 Dodge pickup. Elder, who also makes toy boxes and couches out of car parts, instantly knew that he was going to make a barbecue grill when he bought the rust and tar-coated truck online. The hood lifts by remote control to offer shade while grilling. When not in use, the hood protects the grill.

The grilling area is done in stainless steel resembling an engine block. There are valve covers, exhaust manifolds, spark plugs and a water pump. The pump came from a ’65 Mustang, the plugs from Elder’s ’49 Studebaker and the manifolds were taken from a ’70 Bronco. The entire makeover cost him around $900. Elder earlier said…

You had 30 guys walking around it and they’re pretty much in awe. One guy said, ‘Don’t you have a stereo on it?’ … Another guy asked, ‘Why don’t you have a beer chest?’

Willie Elder now plans to add a radio, an ice chest and a trailer hitch to his 400-pound Hot Rod BBQ grill. In case you don’t have a thing for collector cars and are clueless about what to do with the one catching dust in your garage, then how about turning it into a piece of automotive art, just like Elder did with the Dodge pickup?

Via: WhatAreYouWokin’On/Greeley Tribune

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